Peaceful Violent Protesters By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     It is a “foul is fair, and fair is foul” world, where antifa urban terrorists, who have smashed and burnt down a fair chunk of “Amerika,” get the hero treatment by the mainstream media. Even private residences, now of officials, are not safe:

“A group of left-wing protesters marched to the private home of Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf on Sunday in Alexandria, Virginia, to demonstrate against the use of federal law enforcement in Portland, Oregon. The unusual demonstration, targeting the private residence of a Cabinet secretary, received favorable coverage in the Washington Post: At a triangular park in a tranquil Alexandria, Va., neighborhood, a group of about 30 gathered Sunday morning and awaited directions for a disruptive mission. They would protest the detaining and removal of demonstrators in Portland, Ore., by federal officers last week, and they would do it outside the home of acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf.… Together they went, in bicycle jerseys and tie-dyed shirts, chanting Black Lives Matter protest slogans as well as a specific message for their target. The group was mostly white people, young and old, walking uphill as the temperature climbed into the humid 90s. Some huffed and puffed behind face masks, which everyone wore to ward off the novel coronavirus.…

“We are not an angry mob, are we?” shouted one speaker. “We are angry neighbors. And this man lives among us.” Video circulated online of demonstrators pledging not to allow Wolf to live “quietly” in the neighborhood as long as the administration carried out policies with which they disagreed.”

     But, The New York Times sees the little darlings as peaceful, like it is all back in the 1960s, with flowers n their hair, instead of bricks thrown in yours.

“It is the opinion of New York Times reporter Mike Baker that the “anti-fascist” group Antifa is a mostly “peaceful” movement simply trying to put a stop to police violence. On the other hand, President Trump’s recent deployment of federal troops to violent, Antifa-infested areas like Portland represents the type of “fascism” that Antifa is needed to fight, Baker contends. In a recent piece he wrote entitled, “Chaos Engulfs the Left, the Right and the Moms in the Middle,” Baker makes the claim that Antifa needs an even stronger presence in places like Portland to fight back against Trump’s efforts to restore “law and order.” The fact that any federal officers are in Portland at all, Baker contends, shows that “fears about rising fascism in the United States are justified.” Framing Antifa’s response to George Floyd’s death in terms of being a “complicated mix of grievances, with a wide array of people expressing them using a multitude of tactics to make sure they get heard,” Baker tries to paint Antifa as the good guys in this fight, and the federal government’s officers who are being deployed as the aggressors inciting violence. “Amid the Gordian knot of frustrations and escalations, most everyone seems to agree about one thing: The combative deployment of camouflaged federal agents has only made things worse,” Baker contends. Describing Antifa members as grassroots folks who “have long denounced police militarization and a punishing criminal justice system,” Baker suggests that only some Antifas wear black and embrace “anarchist-style tactics.” Most of the rest, he claims, “have shown up to demonstrate peacefully.”

Left-wing media says Antifa is innocent, and Trump is the one spreading chaos and violence
One day after Baker published his opinion piece, the Times published another lead story by Maggie Haberman, Nick Corasaniti, and Annie Karni reiterating Baker’s position that Trump’s “law and order” agenda is to be feared because it is further stoking more unrest and violence. In addition to sending federal troops into Portland, Trump “threatens to dispatch more to other cities,” this trio wrote, adding that Trump’s “re-election campaign is spending millions of dollars on several ominous television ads that promote fear and dovetail with his political message of ‘law and order.'” It was not until Trump sent an “influx of agents” into Portland, they added, that the situation grew ominous. Scenes of “confrontations and chaos” only occurred after Trump got involved, is the implication, all for the purpose of burnishing “a false narrative about Democratic elected officials allowing dangerous protesters to create widespread bedlam.” Many other mainstream media outlets are spreading the same propaganda, the narrative being that Trump is the one who is responsible for inciting chaos and violence by his sending of federal troops into Democrat stronghold cities in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election. Antifa is just a “peaceful” movement that is misunderstood, they say, and Trump is the aggressor who is going after it as part of a political tactic to win re-election. At no point in time has the far-left incited its own violence, rioting, or looting, in other words – it is all Trump’s fault, the left-wing media claims, even though Portland has experienced nightly riots for more than 50 consecutive days — beginning long before the feds showed up. “The Times has made it perfectly clear that they see no issue with any of the events that have taken place in Portland, whether it’s doxxed and injured law enforcement officials or property destruction,” writes Clay Waters for Newsbusters.”

“Riots took place in Democrat-run cities across the United States on Saturday as Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists took to the streets in solidarity with demonstrators in Portland who have confronted federal law enforcement nightly. Vandals attacked a federal building housing the local office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the early hours of Sunday morning. The vandalism was allegedly connected to expressions of solidarity with the Portland riots.”

“The Seattle Police Department declared a riot and arrested 45 people after “explosives” were thrown at officers when a protest turned violent in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood on Saturday. FOX 10 reports: Up to 1,000 protesters gathered about 2 p.m. Saturday for a peaceful [!] march in solidarity with unrest and violent demonstrations in Portland. By 4 p.m., crowds had broken away from the protest, setting fires to construction trailers at the Juvenile Detention Center and attacking camera crews. […] Police reported multiple explosions in the area and multiple fires, including one inside the East Precinct, where rioters breached a security fence to vandalize the building. Police are investigating “possible explosive damage” to the walls of the East Precinct and more explosives being thrown at police. Seattle police said the protesters were arrested for assaults on officers, obstruction, and failure to disperse. Prior to announcing the arrests, police shared a photo of flammable objects being hurled at officers.”

     So much the for peaceful protests; just ignore the three people dead at CHOP. It is amazing that the mainstream can makes these claims even as we can see riots, and open destruction. Bare face lies are what they run on. If the sheeple believe this, then I have a floating island to sell to them.



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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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