Pauline Hanson, Muslim of the Moment? By Paul Walker

     Oh, how much Attorney-General George Brandis is like the US Senator John McCain, and they even vaguely look alike. Both are liberals and progressives rather than conservatives, but all those terms don’t mean much anymore in our vibrant diverse world.
     Brandis condemned Pauline Hanson’s burqa stunt in the Senate, seeing it as undermining the cooperation of  “Australia’s half-million Muslims – the “vast majority of [whom] are good, law-abiding Australians” – are vital to intelligence and law enforcement agencies.”  Wow, are they really that fragile, that they cannot tolerate a political comment? Oh, I forgot, we don’t have freedom of speech in the Soviet Multicultural Fascist Republic of Australasia. And, only Anglos are expected to be tolerant while they are demographically displaced.

     Brandis “was so angry his voice was actually wobbling with emotion,” the SMH says. “Wobbling”…the image that brings up … Why does all of this this self righteousness remind me of Bobby Hawke?
     Ok, could it be possible that Pauline may have been exploring religious diversity for just a moment, and now she has been pushed away? Just a thought…



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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