Pathological Altruism or Just Plain Old Competition? By Brian Simpson

     One of the big problems in any resistance movement, be it alternative finance or immigration control, is the lack of ability of White people to unite. Why?
    According to Brett Stevens:
 the answer is internal competition, so that we struggle against each other without recognising our common interests.  External threats thus become secondary. Stevens thus rejects the idea of pathological altruism:

“More accurately, our problem is individualism, or people deciding that no one can say “no” to them and as a result, social order, values, standards, heritage, religion and all other systems of order above the level of the individual go out the window.  From this, people invent altruism, because it is a way to show they are “good” without having to do good except in a symbolic role.
Think of politicians kissing babies, or public donations to charities. Your older brother getting you ice cream once to make up for all the times he pounded you flat in the last few weeks. Cubicle workers showing up on the weekend to demonstrate loyalty after screwing off all month. This is symbolism, which like language can be used to manipulate, in lieu of doing the deed the symbolism refers to.

In a broader sense, altruism does not exist. We help others because it helps us, either in anticipated future results or by making us feel better about life because our actions help it all make sense. When we help others, we feel important, and that we have perpetuated an order in which we can succeed, because good is rewarded independent of random circumstance.

Our problem with diversity is that one side — the fake-misfits and fake-outcasts united — wants to replace all semblance of social order so that they can rule, and parasitize what is left of civilization. They use virtue signaling and other forms of attention whoring to make themselves seem important.
Much of this arises from egalitarianism itself. When everyone is equal, the bar has been raised from zero to an arbitrary minimum, but that means that anyone who does not rise above that arbitrary minimum is forgotten. And so, people engage in stunts, drama, and attention whoring in order to not be forgotten. Virtue signaling is one form of this attention-getting behavior.”

     Well, some good points; perhaps altruism does not exist as some independent social entity. Yet, there does seem to be some point to the pathological altruism argument, even given its conceptual difficulties.  The behaviour that we see in say the universities, where some well-paid white feminist psychologist denounces “white privilege” to her students, while on the street, white homeless men beg for food money, is hypocritical, and insincere.  What is sociologically of interest is that this ethno-destructive behaviour has become institutionalised and rewarded by the system, which is seeking passive White genocide.  So, even if we have doubts about altruism, because of the insincerity and pursuit of interests, the real importance of the behaviour is the pathological aspect.

     Without question, there is something profoundly diseased here. How did this happen? Who spread the bugs? These are the questions to be asked and answered.



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Sunday, 09 August 2020
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