Oxford and Cambridge: Your Number is Up! By Richard Miller

     The British elites like to send their sons and daughters to universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, as finishing schools, before the little darlings go into the business of globalism. But, there is so much more to the spirit of globalism, for there is the hidden dimension of equity and diversity, that the elite seem to have forgotten about, when applied to THEIR lifestyle:

“Oxford and Cambridge’s failure to take in more students who are black or from less privileged backgrounds is “staggering”, the universities minister has said. Sam Gyimah criticised the elite institutions for not doing enough and warned that they could be fined by the new higher education regulator if they do not meet admissions targets. Mr Gyimah, an Oxford graduate himself, said the universities should not just focus on academic results during their admissions process to ensure they achieve more diverse intakes.

Cambridge: We can’t do more to admit black British students on our own.

“It is staggering that we have the best minds in our universities and we still do not know what the best way is when it comes to applications,” he told The Daily Telegraph, adding: “The numbers that we are seeing now disappoint me, and it’s disappointing because it’s been going on for too long.” His comments come after the two prestigious universities released admissions data showing that some Oxbridge colleges had admitted no British black students in recent years. The latest statistics from Oxford show just 11 per cent of UK undergraduates came from disadvantaged areas, while the proportion of students identifying as black and minority ethnic (BME) was 18 per cent. “Years ago we were having the same debate about Oxford and Cambridge as we are today, and that is very disappointing,” Mr Gyimah said, as he called for more outreach programmes with state schools, highlighting that these children lack the coaching that their more privileged pupils have received at elite feeder schools.”

     The problem, I believe, is easily solved. Stop worrying about grades for an admission, and for the elite schools and universities, give the vast number of places in areas important for industry and defence, anything that makes money, to minority students, especially refugees. This affirmative action program will help right the eternal imbalance of white privilege. Only by taking from the elites, the truly privileged, can real justice be forthcoming. I am sure oodles of Leftists reading this would agree, and are getting ready now to take up this fight for social justice.

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Saturday, 29 February 2020
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