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Outing, “Out of Africa” Brian Simpson

     I have been interested in presenting available material refuting the current ideology in human pre-history studies, that humans evolved in Africa about 100,000 years ago, then migrated around the world. Africa is thus, the mother of us all, or so they say.

     As pointed out in the journal Renewal vol. 24, no. 1 September 2017, p. 7, the out of Africa hypothesis is inconsistent with a vast array of evidence. For example, it is pointed out that palaeontological evidence from a dig, in what is now San Diego, contradicts the hypothesis. In that dig palaeontologists found mastodon bones that had been broken apart, presumably by use of five large stones that were found next to them. Further tests were made on the breaking of modern elephant bones indicating that these 130,000 year-old bones, were broken by humans, the only creature capable of breaking the bones.

     However, this bone breaking took place 130,000 years ago, which is much older than the age posited by the Out of Africa hypothesis. The multiregional hypothesis is consistent with other evidence, such as Swanscombe Woman and other examples of early European Homo sapiens:

     It is time for the political ideology of Out of Africa to be abandoned.



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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