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Open War on Conservatives … Coming to a Country Near You! By Chris Knight

     Cold Civil War is already underway in the US of A, with patriots being deplatformed, having sites shut down ,and entire libraries of books removed from on-line publication, and censored:

“President Trump is supposedly “in power,” but the 2016 victory has proved nothing short of a disaster for ordinary patriots. A wave of deplatforming, Antifa attacks, and media doxxng operations has followed, with essentially no pushback from the Establishment Right. This Corporate Cultural Marxism has now reached the First Family itself. Donald Trump Jr. was recently censored by Instagram, as was RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. Chronicling these and other incidents in an article for RealClearPolitics, Donald Trump Jr. wrote: As the Smollett hoax illustrates, the political Left and Establishment Journalists want nothing more than to return to a world in which their narrative is the only one that matters–and the truth is whatever they decree it to be. He’s right of course, and the campaign is accelerating. On Tuesday, two more major conservative figures deplatformed. Anti-Islamization activist Tommy Robinson was kicked off Facebook only days after exposing that the BBC worked with antifa activists at HOPE Not Hate to create a “Tommy Takedown” Raheem Kassam, former editor of Breitbart London and a well-known conservative activist, was also kicked off Facebook. (He was eventually let back after protests from, among others, Donald Trump Jr.). [Facebook briefly bans former Nigel Farage chief Raheem Kassam, by Rudy Takala, The Daily Caller, February 26, 2019].”

     The take home message is that the on-line services once taken for granted no longer are there and patriots will need to live and work around that, because don’t expect anything from President Trump, who will probably be the next censored, and who will cuck like a duck to that. Will he regret not making a last stand when they put him in a cage? Already the elites have an almost unstoppable plan to ensure that Democrats, who are pushing for a classic soviet-style socialism, are appointed forever, and to hell with democracy:

“Former Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) said Tuesday that eliminating the Electoral College and electing a president based on the national popular vote would thwart the voice of white people. "Actually, what would happen if they do what they say they’re going to, white people will not have anything to say," LePage, who served as governor from 2011 to 2019, said on the Maine radio station WVOM. "It’s only going to be the minorities that would elect. It would be California, Texas, Florida." The former Republican governor made the comments as he discussed a bill currently being considered in the Maine legislature that would let Maine join other states seeking to bypass the Electoral college and award its electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote nationwide. The state's Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee will hold a hearing on the national popular vote bill, which was sponsored by state Sen. Troy Jackson (D), on Friday, according to the Maine Beacon.  LePage denounced the idea of eliminating the Electoral College, saying that electing a president based on the popular vote would make Maine residents a "forgotten people."

“All the small states like Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Wyoming, Montana, Rhode Island, you’ll never see a presidential candidate again. You’ll never see anybody at the national stage come to our state," he said. "We’re gonna be forgotten people. It’s an insane, insane process." "This is so insane. Why don’t we just adopt the constitution of Venezuela and be done with it," LePage continued. "Let’s have a dictator. That’s what you’re going to boil down to. You’re going to have five or six states that are going to control everything in Washington." The comments from LePage came the same week Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) said he would sign a measure to let his state bypass the Electoral College in favor of the national popular vote. Colorado is set to become the 12th state, in addition to Washington, D.C., to join a National Popular Vote interstate compact that wants to award its electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote. The compact cannot go into effect until the coalition includes states that accumulate at least 270 electoral votes. States included in the coalition would award their electoral votes en masse to the candidate who wins the national popular vote if it were to go into effect.”

     In this way, by fundamentally corrupting the voting system, the Democrats will ensure that white people will have no say in America, and will be demographically displaced by open borders. America could become majority non-white in the term of the next communist president of the USA. It is going to be interesting to see is Americans have a little more life than the sleepy lotus eating people of the long weekend, whose fate will also be sealed:



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Saturday, 04 July 2020
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