Open, In-Your-Face Chinese Colonisation By James Reed

     Back in the early 1990s the Australian elites were falling over themselves licking Japanese boots in the hope of the Japanese building a high tech city in Australia (ultimately in the polluted swamp lands of Gillman, Adelaide), believing that all sorts of riches would be given to them. Oh, how the academics went along for the ride on that one, hanging out of the politically correct train and screaming “racism” to critics, their puny chest’s puffed up with moral superiority. Then, the scheme all fell apart, wasting millions of dollars, and the Gillman land was sold off in a fire sale:

A big book could be written about the whole sorry mess, but it would probably be a waste of time since things have moved on. China is now fast colonising us, and is now at the level of building cities in Australia:

     We need to sit on Pauline Hanson to do something about this. She is pretty quiet nowadays isn’t she? She was elected though to fight against precisely these sorts of things. Send her a line.



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Saturday, 28 November 2020
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