Oops … First the Russians, then the Chinese By Charles Taylor

     Even people living in the centre of the Earth, if there are any on the hollow Earth conspiracy, would be aware that  the naughty  Russians hacked poor innocent Hillary Clinton’s poor innocent emails, and that led to Don Trump stealing the election, so he needs to be impeached, but should be impeached anyway because we, the elites don’t like him, even though he has done nothing. Now this happy narrative faces a problem, because the glorious Chinese apparently also hacked Hillary’s emails, along with most 10 year olds in America: 

“A Chinese company that claims to have hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server reportedly has a copy of every single email the former presidential candidate sent and received afterward. The Chinese state-owned company inserted a code that forwarded all Hillary’s emails to them, and Donald Trump is already demanding that this is investigated. According to reporting done by The Daily Caller, the Chinese state-owned firm operating in the Washington D.C. area wrote code that was then embedded in Hillary’s private server and generated a “courtesy copy” for almost all her emails. Those were then forwarded to the Chinese company. A source briefed on the matter confirmed to Fox News the details of the Daily Caller’s reporting, and said that the ICIG (Intelligence Community Inspector General) was so concerned about the revelation that officials drove over to the FBI to inform agents of the development after it was discovered via the emails’ metadata. One of those agents included the anti-Trump Peter Strzok.”

     Will the progressive scumbags now begin a narrative that the Chinese also helped Trump by releasing details of Hillary’s transgressions, transgressions that can be ignored because all that counts is procedures, not whether a progressive has done anything wrong? Hillary could have done wrong, but exposing this via a hack is the worst sin. That’s sheer progressive logic for you!



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Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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