On Europeans, Creativity and Human Achievement by Brian Simpson

Today it is not politically correct to argue with pride for the achievements of the white race, especially the Nordic group. According to the political Left, races are a social construction, and do not exist until it is convenient for the elites to do a flip flop on that, when whites need to be genocided, punished, abused or non-whites need rewarding by affirmative action. Then races exist.

I notice with interest Charles Murray’s tables in Human Accomplishment  (Harper Collins, 2003), reproduced at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_Accomplishment. This is worth considering in detail because it shows that White Europeans did succeed, for better or for worse, in creating the modern world, because if we are to fight for survive, it is important to know that there is something worth fighting for, some higher ideal.

Another site gives a very useful table of inventions by country, and I am greatly in debt to the hard work the authors of the article have made.
Again, my acknowledgement of the hard work of Eupedia.com, and full credit to them.

Europeans created the intellectual and technological foundation of the modern world, and it reflects on a site like American Renaissance that they put so much weight on IQ issues, always arguing that the East Asians are smarter on the assumption of a mere difference in mean IQ measures of populations, based on a handful of dubious studies. This is especially so since almost all studies in a soft discipline like psychology are false: J. Ioannidis, “Why Most Published Research Findings are False,” http://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.0020124.

I am not going to argue for the superiority of any one group over another, but that does not preclude pride in one’s own races’ achievements. If Anglo Saxon Celt whites can be hit with negative points, then as a matter of logic, so there must be positive ones too.

I note with interest the article by the Jewish philosopher Michael Levin, Is there a superior Race?” in George McDaniel (ed.), A Race Against Time, (New Century Foundation, 2003), pp. 272-280, ironically associated with Jared Taylor and American Renaissance, who says that asking whether or not there is a superior race makes “as little sense as saying that lions are “better” than gazelles.” (p.273)
That may be so in terms of evolution, but Levin goes on to say that the White race has, for better or for worse, influenced the entire human race more than any other race. If, (as he says,) Whites had not existed, then the world would probably not be as it is with the technology of modernity. (p. 275)
White culture, despite being despised and  attacked by the Left, is emulated across the world, and Asian is excelling in continuing this culture, not abandoning it.

The mathematics of Europeans is being developed, not junked. This is because of the efficiency of Whites “having developed the best means to certain universal ends.” (p.276)

Finally, Whites up until now, have defeated everybody in battle, and that is really the bottom line. (p. 278)

Levin concludes: “Each group therefore finds its own standards best and judges the rest of the world by them. How could it be otherwise? A group of people that disapproved of its own nature would suffer a spiritual dissonance not conducive to survival, and psychologists tell us that pride in one’s ethnic group is a sign of mental health (although this sort of pride is supposed to be reserved for non-whites). By Caucasian standards Caucasians are best.” (p. 279)

The problem with Levin’s argument is that while East Asians are free to have pride in their race, Europeans are condemned by the elites for doing so, so there really is a condition of spiritual dissonance that covers the Western world. We have all talked about this extensively at this site, and acknowledge that it is a grave problem which threatens to bring Western civilisation crashing down. Our East Asian colleagues like our dear friend Mr Li feel that they can carry on the flame of civilisation when we fall. I hope that he is right, but  I am not so sure. Today globalism means that we are all connected and removing part of the foundation cannot bide well for the integrity of the entire edifice.



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Thursday, 28 October 2021
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