On China the Horse has Long Bolted By Bruce Bennett

     James Reed should have done this, but apparently has gone to hospital with something to do with his prostate, probably due to his alcoholism. Some people never learn. Well, the boys in the really nice suits are investigating China infiltration of some polly I have never heard of. Boring ... Ok, but why wasn’t this done maybe 50 years ago? After all, China owns most of the place now, even ports, maybe Sydney Harbour soon, so should they even bother? It is all over for us now, isn’t it?

“Counter-espionage agency ASIO is conducting a sweeping investigation into allegations Chinese government agents have infiltrated the office of a NSW Labor politician to influence Australian politics. Multiple sources aware of the foreign interference investigation said it was scrutinising the office of NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane as part of one of the most significant inquiries in recent ASIO history. As part of the inquiry, the federal police raided properties linked to Mr Moselmane on Friday morning, searching for evidence to support allegations of a Chinese government plot unfolding on Australian soil. The sources said if sufficient evidence was found, the inquiry could ultimately result in an Australian and world first: a prosecution for foreign interference offences arising from an alleged covert Chinese Communist Party plot to influence a serving politician. A dozen plain-clothed federal agents raided Mr Moselmane's two-storey house in Rockdale, in Sydney's south, at 6.30am and began conducting an extensive search for evidence. An hour later, six forensics officers arrived and assisted with the search. At 9am, detectives searched three cars— an Audi, ute and Volvo— outside Mr Moselmane’s house. Mr Moselmane's lawyer arrived during the search and was let into the home by federal agents. The agents searched the house and were seen carrying bags and folders. The Attorney-General Christian Porter has authorised efforts by ASIO to gather evidence of any person suspected of seeking to influence Mr Moselmane or his staff on behalf of the Chinese government. The step could only be taken if there were reasonable grounds to suspect evidence may be at those properties. Security expert Neil Fergus said: "ASIO would not take this step lightly." The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age is not suggesting the allegations involving Mr Moselmane and his office are proven, only that they are the subject of an ASIO and federal police inquiry.”

     Ok, I agree with the above disclaimer too. Someone in the pub, keeping a social distance of 15 metres said that the guys in the suits don’t do this unless something big is going down. Well, we will see. My guess is nothing much is going to happen, but who am I to believe? Nobody. Hell, we have presidents giving away nuclear bomb secrets to China, which could be used to reduce us all to dust, and those people are still pulling in the dollars, so why worry?



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Sunday, 25 July 2021
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