On Becoming a Minority, Then Disappearing Down the Drain of History By Richard Miller

     At least some European leaders, unlike the fools whose obese buttocks warm, and ultimately crack the vinyl of  the seats of Parliament House, Canberra, are aware of the demographic threat to the White West, as shown by the speech of the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán at the Congress of the European People’s Party, November 8, 2018:

     First, Europe’s identity is based on the nation state, contrary to French president Macron, and Christianity as its core spiritual belief:

“There is no strong Europe without successful member states. Without nations, Europe would lose its spiritual and cultural identity. We are the EPP. We are the European Peoples Party. Europe would either be a Europe of the peoples or it will not exist at all. The Socialists, Liberals and Greens are working exactly for such a Europe that has no roots and no spiritual identity. Our vision is a Europe, which has 27 faces at the same time. A Europe which is equally Christian and democrat. We, the EPP should never be afraid to reaffirm what we are: Christian democrats.”

     Further, the globalists, especially through mass immigration, are working at demographic displacement, and this has to be met with a kind of nationalistic spiritual resistance:

“During the last five years we have provided leadership for Europe. We have to undertake this. We have to take the responsibility for not being able to keep the British in and the migrants out. While in 2011, we had 16 countries with EPP heads of governments, today we have only 6 of them. There is no way to beautify this. Facts are facts. No surprise that our self-confidence has been hurt and dented. If we want to win in 2019, and we do want, we have to find our way back to victory. It is high time for us to think, to act and to behave like the winners again. So first, let us restore the unity of the European Peoples’ Party. Let us never trust those who build personal ambitions on dividing our EPP family with socialist and liberal accusations. For the sake of victory, let us get back to our spiritual roots and let us proclaim the renaissance of Christian democracy. Let us forget about such nonsenses like the celebration of Fidel Castro and Karl Marx. It is better to let this kind of political aberrations to the socialists.

But what is even more important, to understand: we have to win not just to survive, and victory must be wanted. Let us not listen to our opponents, and let us not measure ourselves by the standards of the leftist parties and the liberal media. If we want to please them, we condemn ourselves to defeat. Instead, we have to walk our own way. We shall cherish our successes. Those who do not honor their own champions take the fastest track to failure. The European elections must be won at home, in each of our countries. In order for the EPP to become the party of the winners again, we need winning prime ministers.

The key to the EPP’s victory remains the same as before. We have to stand by the people again. Let us protect them from illegal migration, terrorism, crime and economic troubles. Let us put on our flags the old truths back: “of the people, by the people, for the people”. And we will be victorious again. And finally, dear Friends, let me be clear: we will line up behind Weber. Thank you very much, Manfred. You came to Hungary and supported us in the spring of 2018 at our national elections. We respect you because you always know when it is time for debate and when it is time for unity.”


     It gets better:

“Not even in our dreams could we have imagined that one day . . . European nations, including us Hungarians, would be facing challenges not seen since the distant past. Not even in our dreams could we have imagined that Europe would be endangered not by external military threats, not by American or Russian ambitions, but by itself. Who would have thought that the most successful continent on Earth — which has created the most thriving culture, the most advanced technologies, the world’s best schools and the highest living standards humanity has ever seen— would within a few years be sliding downwards, drifting towards the brink of ruin?

    … European people are born the sons and daughters of nations. When a European comes into this world, they are German, French, Italian, Polish or Hungarian. This is the order of history and nature. When a small child speaks for the first time, they say their first words in Polish, Croatian, Swedish, English — or Hungarian. This is why Europe is different from the other continents. Europe is the homeland of nations, and not a melting pot. And so who would have thought that the imperial idea — which has repeatedly left Europe in ruins – could reappear? Who would have thought that others would seek to tell us who we should live alongside in our own country? Who would have thought that Hungary or Poland would be attacked on the basis of fabrications, or that threats would be leveled at Romania and Slovakia —and even Italy? . . .

Europe’s greatness, strength and glory has derived from nations both competing and cooperating with one another. Nations have respected one another’s rights, protected the interests of their citizens, were able to cooperate well, and shared the blessings of peace, growth and security. The passion in the hearts of patriots has inspired self-sacrifice, selflessness, scientific breakthroughs and magnificent works of art.

    … Brussels today is ruled by those who want to replace an alliance of free nations with a European empire: a European empire led not by the elected leaders of nations, but by Brussels bureaucrats. Believers in a European empire are also in government in a number of European countries today. This is how we can know what that brave new world will be like if it is up to them: the appearance of increasing numbers of men of fighting age arriving from other continents and other cultures, within our lifetime shaping European cities in their own image, slowly but surely turning indigenous Europeans into a minority; terror as a part of life in large cities; political manipulation an everyday reality, justified on the grounds of the rule of law; and freedom of speech and the press which only extends as far as the freedom to echo their ideas.

    … Those who want to mold the European Union into a European empire are all, without exception, supporters of immigration. They have made the admission of migrants the litmus test of being European, and expect every country and nation to become multicultural without delay. Now we can see that they deliberately failed to use their enormous police and military capability, and they deliberately failed to defend Europe from the migrant masses. If we were able to do it, they could have done so too. What was lacking was not the ability, but the will. Even today, the Brussels vanguard and the other leaders who are opposed to nation states see migration as a chance, an opportunity. They see it as a chance to replace the European Union of nation states with a multicultural empire of mixed populations, smoothed into a unity: a Europe without nation states; an elite separated from its national roots; an alliance with multinational power groups; a coalition with financial speculators. This would be paradise for George Soros.

    … Let us choose independence and the cooperation of nations over global governance and supervision. Let us reject the ideology of globalism, and instead support the culture of patriotism. The world can be richer and mankind can be better if the earth is populated by the diverse world of nations. We believe that every nation is special and unique in its own way, and can be a shining light in that segment of the world which is entrusted to it.

    … We believe in strong families, we look upon our history and traditions as something exceptional, we celebrate our heroes – and, above all, we love our country. We do not want to surrender it – and shall not surrender it – in order to accept any empire or global governance. We do not want to erase our national feelings, but in fact we want to encourage them and set them free to release and liberate the capabilities and talents within Hungarian people.”

     Could you imagine such a speech being made in Australia, not just today, but any time in our history? For some reason, the metaphysical/spiritual  juice is just not here. Does the hot sun evaporate any profound philosophy in this country? Who knows? Anyway, today such thoughts of resistance to globalism at a spiritual level will not be found in say Pauline Hanson. We just have to make do with what we have, in the hope that stronger stock arises in the future, if there is one for us.



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Monday, 19 October 2020
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