Old School Feminists Versus Trans-Women By Mrs Vera West

     There is an emerging contradiction between old school feminism, and trans-women.

     This has been seen in many cases of sporting triumph, but probably also in the academic rewards system. Feminists have held that gender is biological, when it suits them, namely when there is some supposed biological advantage to women, but mostly gender is seen as a social construct. On this view trans-women are perfectly legitimate. Now, I am not questioning any legitimacy here, but I wonder how this will all end? With the unrelenting attack upon manhood, what is there to stop every oppressed man, suddenly declaring that they are now “female”? This can be done without any surgery, because gender is just in the social mind, a social construct So, how will the system deal with this hypothetical?

     I am finding these contradictions, “delicious,” and much more entertaining that women’s day time telly.



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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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