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Old People are Racists! By Brian Simpson

     The latest wisdom from the psychologists is that old people are racists:

“Older people are more racist – but it’s not because they are ‘from a different time’. We become more prejudiced as we age because we feel increasingly insecure and anxious about death, psychologists claim.
Scientists said hating a group can bring a sense of belonging and identity to those facing their own mortality because they are able to share that prejudice with others.

We become more prejudiced as we age because we feel increasingly insecure and anxious about death, psychologists claim. Some people offset feelings of loneliness as they age by becoming more hateful of certain groups as this gives them a sense of identity (stock image) ‘The theory is when you think of death it creates a fear, and one way of reacting to that anxiety is to cling to identity, to try and gain a sense of belonging, or even a sense of protection,’ Dr Steve Taylor, a psychologist at Leeds Beckett University, told Business Insider. ‘There’s just a general feeling of anxiety in the air that creates this need for identity and belonging, and this need to demonise other groups.’ But it’s not just a need to belong that pushes older people to prejudice. In some, the insecurities brought about by ageing lead to self-hatred that is then directed at minority groups, according to psychotherapist Dr Allison Abrams. ‘If you don’t like things about yourself, it’s a lot easier to project that onto others than to look at yourself … Especially if somebody has low self-esteem or has a lot of self-hatred,’ she said. When older people make inappropriate comments, their behaviour is often excused with the understanding that they are ‘from a different time’.

Scientists said hating a group of people brings a sense of belonging and identity to those facing their own mortality because they can share that prejudice with others (stock image) But psychologists told Business Insider that growing up during the times of segregation is only part of the problem. Dr Abrams point out that research has shown people who grew up with racist attitudes have the capacity to learn to overcome them. Instead, racist remarks made by older citizens may be due to a shrinking of certain parts of their brain, she said. Research from the University of Queensland, Australia, showed the frontal lobe – which is involved in regulating our thoughts – gets smaller as we age. This means elderly people may lose their ability to censor inappropriate thoughts, making them more likely to vocalise offensive viewpoints. ‘They may have said them anyway, depending on their personality when they were younger,’ said Dr Abrams. ‘But for the most part, they probably wouldn’t have … Once we reach that old age where our brains start to lose that ability, those more hidden parts, those more subconscious thoughts, we are less able to inhibit them.’

Senior citizens accused of being grumpy and less patient with others may be able to blame changes in their brain. Older men and women who struggle to understand others – and show irritation as a result – are thought to be suffering from the same loss of brain function which causes memory problems. A study of 60 people aged 17 to 95 found older people were worse at identifying others’ emotions and intentions. Many also under-performed in memory tests – suggesting they had a declining ‘cognitive function’ relating to both empathy and memory. However, failing to pick up on others’ feelings, which can cause isolation in old age, is not an inevitable part of ageing. The same study – by Goldsmiths, University of London – found those with a better memory were also more empathetic, so less likely to appear grumpy. Co-author Dr Rebecca Charlton, a senior lecturer in psychology, said the stereotype of the ‘grumpy old man’ may stem from older people being unable to understand others and so react appropriately. But she added: ‘Some older people are able to retain this ability for longer or compensate using other skills, giving us all hope that, with the right kinds of support, our social interactions can continue to be rewarding throughout our lives.’

     The problem here is that there is simply no good reason why supposed natural processes of brain shrinkage, which are said by the mainstream neurologists to not be related to dementia, should be connected to the expression of racial sentiments. Clearly those sentiments were there in the beginning, and arose as a natural response to the environment, otherwise we are to suppose that the human organism is dysfunctional, and acting in a purely random fashion. This is especially evident, since the conception of racism employed by psychology, is so over the top, that any dissent thoughts about race and immigration by whites (but never blacks) is “racism.” Psychologists in the US have been quick off the mark to classify President Trump as a racist, but never other countries with much harder policies than the US. Why, there are even special countries having walls, and good for them.

     On the issue of libtards, here is another interesting story:

“White feminist Kimberley Johnson went apoplectic after seeing a black man driving a car with an NRA sticker on it. On Thursday she tweeted about how confounded she was, then deleted the tweet after receiving backlash on Twitter. The Daily Mail copied Johnson’s tweet before it was deleted and published it: “Out on the road the other day I saw an affluent black man driving a BMW with two bumper-stickers. One was pro-NRA and the other one was a Tea Party sticker that read, ‘Don’t tread on me.’ This left me very confused.” Amid a social media backlash Johnson tried to explain her tweet by suggesting she simply could not understand how a black person could support the Republicans and/or Republican positions while President Trump was in office.

     Perhaps the psychologists need to be paying a wee bit more critical attention to members of their liberal tribe, especially to folk who want to kill other people defending President Trump: 



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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