Ok, Boomer! Game is Up! By James Reed

     My generation, the boomers, who totally betrayed Western civilisation, completely playing into the hands of the globalist elites, from their time of being cubs in the insane 1960s, to now in their twilight period, are still at it. Thus, the younger generations are truly justified in hating them, and maybe in the future taking away their medical care, to allow them to suffer. But, boomers are not going without making a boom of it:

“An OU professor in the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication used a racial slur during a class Tuesday morning, according to multiple students present in the class. Peter Gade, director of graduate studies and Gaylord Family Endowed Chair, teaches Journalism, Ethics and Democracy — the only capstone course offered for journalism majors. When asked to comment by a Daily reporter after the class had ended, Gade declined. Gade was discussing the changes in journalism related to technology and social media and made the point that journalism should stick to its more traditional roots, according to multiple students in the class. Gade then called on a student who said journalists have to keep up with the younger generations as they continue to change. Gade said the student’s comment was the equivalent of saying “OK, boomer” to him.  The class broke into light laughter but was interrupted by Gade’s next comment. “Calling someone a boomer is like calling someone a n-----,” Gade said. Molly Kruse, The Daily’s assistant culture editor, told Gade during the class that was not a word he should use, and he attempted to defend it and then changed the subject.

Some students left the classroom immediately afterward, and others left once class ended and Gade kept talking over the scheduled time for the class. Students present at that time said he told the class he was sorry if he offended anyone. Ed Kelley, dean of Gaylord College, said the first thing they wanted to do in Gaylord was meet with students, so he, associate dean David Craig and assistant dean Yvette Walker met with five students from the class afterward. “I’m not sure that (type of language) does (have a place in the classroom),” Kelley said. “Perhaps it did once upon a time. Perhaps he was using it as an educational tool. We have no record at all of Dr. Gade, a distinguished professor who's been on the faculty here for more than 20 years, of him ever using this term, much less any kind of other racially inflamed language.”In addition to being a faculty member, Gade is co-editor of Changing the News: The Forces Shaping Journalism in Uncertain Times, and co-author of Twilight of Press Freedom: The Rise of People’s Journalism, according to his OU biography. Some students from the class said that in the meeting, they informed Kelley that they will not be attending class as long as Gade is the professor.”

     The sensitive snow flakes who will not be attending the old boomer prof’s classes any more, are a product of the malignant liberalism that boomers help create:



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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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