Oh Sweet PC irony By Mrs Vera West

     The Vagina Monologues is a  famous feminist play, saying the usual crazy things that feminist say, especially about vaginas. But, times are now at peak absurdity, as it goes before the final fall. Now, one US university cannot have a performance of this feminist masterpiece (Ha!) because it is not “inclusive” being written in a time before the transgender thing was big:

“Eastern Michigan University canceled a production of The Vagina Monologues because it was not inclusive enough. Students protested that transgendered people were excluded from the production. Eastern Michigan University canceled a production of The Vagina Monologues this week after the community claimed that the show was not inclusive enough. Students specifically felt that the show was inappropriate because it does not include transgender women. In a statement, the university’s Women’s Resource Center said that the show was canceled because of the group’s commitment to empowering minorities on campus.”

     The new ideology will wipe out second wave feminism. Already we have seen issues where women’s sport is under question, and these contradictions will only grow over time. Then there is this one about how abortion is so “cool” that one needs to shout about it, kick up one’s feet, dance, then have another abortion:

“Hollywood women, from Sarah Silverman to Amy Brenneman, are gathering to celebrate the release of a new coffee table book that urges women to boast about having an abortion.

Sarah Wine-Thyre

LOS ANGELES this Friday 11/16 join me and @AmyBrenneman and other marvels at @shoutyourabortion’s book party GET TIX HERE https://improv.com/hollywood/event/stand+up+for+shout+your+abortion/8825625/

3:35 AM - Nov 14, 2018

Stand Up for Shout Your Abortion at Hollywood Improv (8825625)

Danielle Radford: Danielle Radford was an honor student, so the fact that she didn’t finish college, doesn’t have a driver’s license and can’t hold down a job is just as much of a surprise to her as...
Actresses, Sarah Silverman, Sarah Wine-Thyre, Amy Brenneman and other “marvels” are inviting their fans to join them for a #ShoutYourAbortion book party Friday night at the Hollywood Improv, tweeted Wine-Thyre.”

     The time of the chattering/acting new class is spent in thinking up new ways of undermining/deconstructing the world we have known. But, when they do this, and they get the inevitable Mad Max post-apocalyptic world, will they be throwing parties, or will the parties be throwing them?



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Friday, 30 October 2020
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