Oh No! Dick Smith is Going to “Stuff the Whole Economy”! By James Reed

     At this late stage of the game, it is good to have a strong drink and a sardonic laugh, while the ship of civilisation goes down.  Dick Smith is conducting a Grim Reaper style campaign, spending $1 million to advertise the ills of immigration. We all know these, “lagging infrastructure and services, cost of living, crime, social security dependence, problems with integration, overpopulated cities and degradation of the environment,” but Dick is going further attacking economic growth, wanting transparency in tax returns, and an inheritance tax: The Australian, August 16, 2017, p. 2. Good luck with all that!

     There is, of course no hope in achieving these aims, because without an alternative economic framework, such as the localist social credit, the globalists will simply gut you by moving off shore, which they do anyway. And, immigration is their economic religion, making our enemies rich.

     The Australian article says that even with an immigration rate of 600,000 a year, which the elite are no doubt aiming for, Australia’s population would not reach 100 million. But, the question is academic, and given high birth-rates, such a population could easily exceed that. With a growth rate of 1.7 percent per annum, the population does reach that figure. Long before that though, Australia would be socially and ecologically destroyed. It does not matter, because the Growth elite have no plans for a sustainable Australia, or a sustainable anything, and will joyfully burn out this country and the entire planet, and hope that technology gives them a new terraformed planet, which they can then destroy as well. The entire infinite multiverse is not enough for their insanity. At least ISIS does see some limits to human greed.

     The immigration lobby hold that immigration cures all ills, and reduces inequality and unemployment, because migrants magically create jobs. The reductio of this is, given that they put no limits on immigration, bring seven billion people into the Sydney CBD tomorrow, and let immigration solve that problem. Most of the Growths would want to do this, especially those in real estate, to get their 30 billion pieces of silver. Then, they move on, because home is only where the money is.

     Clearly, Australians have let this issue go for decades, and now we are going to be destroyed physically. Australia has already ceased to exist as a “nation,” and now is merely a multicult fascist state.

     There should have been street marches and high energy protests like with the Black Lives Matter campaign. Australians have sat back and let the elites roll them, so Australians will be culled by unnatural selection. Told you so!

     Dick could have spent the $ 1 million on the Reduce Immigration Write-on campaign: https://reduceimmigration.wordpress.com/, which is a painless way for Australians to have a say about an issue the elites will not let them. But, instead, he goes for a campaign which is doomed from the beginning. At best, it may inform some young people who are not in the loop.

     It seems our side is just doomed to fail, but that may be because we are really at the end of the line of our kind, and this is how it all ends. After so many genocidal wars, there is just not the raw IQ left to fight this, let alone the problem of the cuckiness of men, deracination etc. etc.

     I don’t want to end on a pessimistic note, so let me say, that I hope the elites go down with this ship as well.



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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