Offending Islam, by Doing Anything by Ian Wilson LL.B

The pollies work out the best way of deceiving us over reforms to section 18 C, so that it is not weakened and faithfully serves the ethnic/multicult elite. But, Anne Aly, Australia’s first female Muslim MP, believes that that race discrimination laws should be expanded to cover insults based on religion as well, so that tougher speech laws will make it illegal to offend Muslims because of their religion:;;

Victoria and now the ACT have religious vilification laws, suppressing free speech in exactly the same way section 18 C does.

Such a law would mean that all criticism of Islam would be out of bounds. For example, I have a copy of Endeavour Forum on my desk (March 2017), which has an article that challenges Pope Francis’ claim that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.” The article then goes on to challenge this by quoting from the Koran. Whether this is correct of not need not be debated here, and I am not going to quote any passages, but I understand that across the world Muslims have taken deep offence to non-Muslims using this rhetorical strategy to critique Islam and Islamists argue that verses are taken out of context, and that this is offensive:
(But see:;

Merely tearing up a Koran before a group of Muslims resulted in a race hate conviction in Belgium: The threshold for offence will be so low, that nothing can be said further about the Islam issue.

At this point, I imagine, people will just break the law any way, in the same way speeding is dealt with now, or jaywalking. Of course, I do not approve, but this I believe is what will happen. People will become more careful, but will take their speech underground, and hatred will fester, rather than being dealt with in the open. Who knows what will emerge from the cocoon that the politically correct are now building. Liberal democratic society is being dismantled, day by day, and it is uncharted territory, where the new class elites intend to lead, we, the sheeple.



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Monday, 26 October 2020
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