Of Course it is the Man’s Fault! By Mrs Vera West

     Women are having affairs in record numbers … and it is all men’s fault.

“According to an in-depth sex and relationship survey conducted by Femail, one in five British adult women has had an affair — and 40 per cent of those have been unfaithful to their current partner. What’s more, nearly half of those husbands and partners — 47 per cent, according to the women we polled — remain oblivious to the fact that they were, or indeed are, being deceived. My god, I got too tired to finisjh trhe article, which went on and on about some preciuous snowflake. What we rally need, as my mother used to say is another Great Depression to bring the sploit brats back to reality.

     Anyway, speaking of reality, most women, who are getting ready to defend us, fail basic fitnerss:

•    “At least 84 percent of women who have taken the new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) have failed, according to a leaked Army document
•    The test will become the official annual US Army physical exam next year
•    The test was  conducted by 11 battalions, which equals more than 3,200 soldiers - 2,849 of which are men and 357 are women
•    The results revealed men passed at a rate of 70 percent, women at 16 percent
•    The most difficult part of the exam was the leg tuck event, which saw a staggering 72 percent of women fail
•    In some cases, women have been required to perform the move just six months after giving birth
•    Army officials say that the data circulating online is not from official documents from the Center for Initial Military training
•    They say training is still ongoing and soldiers will be given two practice ACFT exams this year.”

Oh, not to worry, it is just the US. Our girls are strong and fit and eager to stop baddies from taking our lot. After all, they just need to do four pushups:  “THE first fitness test women have to pass to join the Australian Army is just four push-ups, The Daily Telegraph can reveal. If potential female recruits can manage that they are then sent on a seven-week women-only Army Pre-conditioning Course to get them fit enough to take the actual Army recruit course. The graded fitness levels are part of the bid to double the number of women in the armed forces, which The Daily Telegraph revealed has also involved a 12-month ban on men being recruited for many roles including combat positions.”


     All I can say is: God help us!



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Monday, 26 October 2020
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