Nurses Must be Sorry for Being White: Ok, Go Do a Reverse Michael Jackson Then! By Peter Ewer

     The new code of conduct for nurses is simple: be sorry for being white, roll on the floor, cry, beg for mercy, and maybe even resign the job:

“The contentious new code telling nurses to say, "sorry" for being white when treating indigenous patients has even been slammed by nurses themselves. The controversial change to the code, which came into effect on the first of March, was brought to public attention in January this year by Australian Conservatives' leader Cory Bernardi. Channel 7's Today Tonight reports, this is the latest in a string of politically correct changes for the health industry. But this one has lead to calls for the nursing board boss to resign and even some aboriginal leaders have described it as potentially damaging. Senator Bernardi said, "What we've got is a bunch of do-gooders, who think that this is actually going to help people where in reality it's only dividing society." "It only takes a single complain from a patient to say, 'you didn't acknowledge your white privilege, I felt culturally under threat or subsumed by you,' and the nurse can find themselves hauled before the tribunal and subject to a code of conduct complaint."

Graeme Haycroft, from the Nurses professional Association of Queensland said,"Nurses are very caring people. They're always respectful, it's in there genes. This is the thing that's so outrageous because the fundamental presumption of this code is that nurses are currently racist.  This is introducing a form of apartheid into the health system." Senator Bernardi said, "They're trying to install this concept that everything Western is terrible and everything indigenous is fantastic. Everyone has equal opportunity in this country. You can get an education, you can work very hard. If you're going to say there's white privilege in a nurse and a midwife.”

     I cannot see any solution to this beyond not having any white nurses at all. Same for doctors, dentists, and all healthcare professionals. Simply close it all down, as it is based on white privilege. Who wants to live in a world where racism is everywhere, inside every refrigerator? Far better that we all die off, as punishment for our ancestors’ sins, or else let China supply health care professionals. In fact, let China rule the entire country. Would China then have this code of ethics for its nurses? Sure, it would.



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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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