Nuclear War with Russia? A Great Idea, Dick! by James Reed

The Western elites are busting their britches to have war with Russia, with British subs apparently on red nuclear alert at the moment:

A taste of this desire comes from neo-con Dick Cheney, who has been trumpeting that Russian interference in the US election is an “act of war”:

This is madness on a number of levels. First, the only way this could literally be true is if Russia actually hacked the polling booths, and even Hillary Clinton has not claimed that. If Russia did hack into the Democrats and release all of their dirt, well, they should not have had dirt in the first place. It is in the public interest that the dirt get out. The dirt, not the way it got out, is the key thing. If it were Trump’s dirt, it would be different then.

Second, the US interferes in every election that it feels suits its interests, and if necessary simply assassinates people, so in aid of multiculturalism it is only fair that it is molested too! And, the mainstream press do not speak about the tens of millions of dollars the Clinton Foundation got from Saudi and Qatari elites, or the John Podesta Russian connection:;

Finally, while the West has been concerned with deracination, political correctness, the destruction of manhood and the levelling of defence in all aspects, Russia has remained strong and manly, as embodied in Putin. Here is a martial artist, tough enough to ride horses with no shirt on, with good muscle for an older man. Russians are tough and deserve respect. They will fight the West, and endure even nuclear attacks, being already prepared for it:

Western elites will get a surprise, for a few moments, at least, as their multicult one world hellhole, is blown away forever.

Fighting Russia is an act of suicide, and totally unnecessary, but the globalists are so bloody mad, that they would rather burn down the planet, than back off. Putin and Trump have been a fundamental threat to their worldview. And now there is Le Pen wanting to tear down the New World Order!
Sure, love these enemies, and turn the other cheek, but do not let that stop you fighting them and defeating them.



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Monday, 26 October 2020
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