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Now War with Iran …Then World War III? By James Reed

     I have been following articles on the net about the likelihood of World War III following Trump’s order of the assassination of Iran’s Soleimani. The neo cons have been quite openly rejoicing about the coming global war, for they are usually evangelical Christians, hoping that this Armageddon will bring on the Second Coming.

     The fear of a new draft, or what we call conscription, led to the Selective Service System website crashing, as anxious young people sought information. Hopefully World War III will be over quickly this time, and people left alive will be able to pick up the radioactive fragments of Western civilisation and see if anything can be put back together. Probably not.

     In any case, Iran, thanks to the magic of immigration, has sleeper cells of terrorists all over the US, and probably most of the West, and they will no doubt soon be getting down to serious terrorising, as serious terrorists do, seriously. Since the US border is kept open to allow the Great Replacement, it will be easy for terrorists to simply walk in, claim social security benefits, and get down to business.

     There is no doubt about Trump; just when it looks like he might do something good for the American people, the globalist elite give him their next set of orders. Oh, go ahead and blow this tired old planet up!



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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