Now They Attack Freedom of Association By Ian Wilson LL.B

     First, they went after freedom of speech, and took that down. Now, as not enough good men fought, the Deep State won and  moves on and attacks freedom of association:

“The Andrews Government has pushed divisive anti-association laws through the lower house of Parliament today. The laws will give police excessive powers to issue ‘anti-association notices’, telling people – including children as young as 14 – who they can and can’t be friends with or spend time with. Human rights advocates, lawyers and community workers all say that these laws are an attack on our democratic rights and neither politicians nor police officers should have a role in deciding who people can and can’t be friends with. Ruth Barson, a director of legal advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said that the laws are senseless, dangerous and a sign that Premier Andrews is pandering to Matthew Guy’s toxic law and order agenda.

"We should all be free to decide who we spend our time with and who we want to be friends with. Every single Victorian should be worried about these laws because they're excessive and ripe for abuse. Such laws belong in a police state – not the connected, harmonious community that we all want Victoria to be," said Ms Barson. The new anti-association laws are fundamentally different to existing laws in the following key ways: 

•    Children are now caught up in the scheme: Anti-association notices can now be given to children as young as 14 years. The notices can prevent children going to the movies, playing sport, talking on line or spending time with extended family members.
•    It is far easier for police to issue a notice: Police are no longer required to consider whether the issuing of a notice will actually prevent serious crime. Police will only have to show that the person receiving the notice has spent time with someone who has been convicted of a particular offence.
•    There are far less safeguards: There is no requirement for police to consider whether the association is for non-criminal purposes such as rehabilitation, friendship, support, education, sport any other legitimate activity; and
•    The laws operate retrospectively.”

     Always be suspicious of laws that act retrospectively, because the lawmakers are usually up to no good.

     Similar laws were introduced in New South Wales, under the guise of establishing law and order. The NSW Ombudsman found that police used these powers in a racially discriminatory way, with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people being hardest hit, and  that more than three quarters of the notices issues to children and young people were unlawful. Shocking stuff. But, that does not matter to the power elites because what the name of the game is now is complete social control, and the Deep State is moving to do this each day in various ways. As usual, the few activist opposing this anarcho-tyranny are spread so thin that they can only fight back reactively, one tyranny at a time.

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