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Now There are Ecological Sins! (and Witches, Too!) By Peter West

    As readers may know, as an ex-Catholic I cover events associated with our present commo Pope who has brought the Faith into disgrace. As a protest I no longer go to mass and will not until the Pope of political correctness is removed. For example, there is controversy at the moment about whether or not the Popeye, sorry, Pope, blame Word spell check, denied the divinity of Jesus Christ:

“Participants in the Vatican synod on the Amazon region proposed adding “sins against the environment” to lists of traditionally recognized sins in their second day of discussions and deliberations. Synod fathers called for an “ecological conversion” that would allow people to see “the gravity of sins against the environment as sins against God, against our neighbour, and against future generations,” Vatican News reported Wednesday. “This would imply a need to produce and spread more widely a theological literature that would include ‘ecological sins’ alongside traditional sins,” the report stated.”

     Sorry, but after spending some time going over the Bible, I could find any basis for an ecological sin, as something distinct in-itself from the normal garden variety of sin. It is but one more attempt to shape the Faith to fit the New World Order religion of climate change. The Pope is allergic to adjectives used to describe people:

“Pope Francis often uses his homilies to rally against the world's evils such as greed, violence and hatred. But this week he lashed out at a rather more peculiar sin - the overuse of adjectives. In a speech on Monday, the leader of the Catholic Church slammed these describing words and even said: 'I am allergic to those words'. He said: 'We have fallen into the culture of adjectives and adverbs, and we have forgotten the strength of nouns.”

     Perhaps some of those missing nouns include “witches,” something he also commented on:

“On the papal airplane from Rome to Chile, Francis offered his latest off the cuff quip. “Loud laughter accompanied the joke Francis made in response to the query asked by Cristiana Caricato, a journalist of TV2000, who, (upon) greeting him, had asked him: “We want to know what the doctor gives you so that we can take it too, we who struggle just as you do” — a reference to Bergoglio’s stamina during these trips. “But I do not go to the doctor, I go to the witch!”, he said, laughing with gusto.”

“Earlier last week at the Vatican, Francis had a private audience with ‘indigenous peoples’ who were attending the United Nations’ Third Global Meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum for Investing in Rural People organized by the International Fund Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Rome, Italy.  When they were assembled for this private audience, Francis delivered a speech, then went around the room and personally greeted each attendee.  As would be expected with ‘Indigenous Peoples’, and we are using that term very loosely, they practiced a hodgepodge of pagan religions.  One encounter Francis had caught our attention.  … Who is this woman and what is she doing?  To us at Call Me Jorge... she appears to be a shaman working some sort of sorcery.  Well, we did a bit of digging around and found out that she is a member of the Amaicha del Valle settlement in Valles Calchaquíes, Tucumán, Argentina. … The people of the Amaicha del Valle settlement are pagans as they believe in a multitude of gods. The four gods of primary importance are the husband and wife tandem — Pacha Kamaq (creator of the world) & Pachamama (mother earth) — and their two children — Inti (the sun) & Mama Killa (the moon).  Every year in the Amaicha del Valle settlement they hold a six day festival for Pachamama the mother earth goddess.”

     It is dark days indeed, my friends, in the life of the Church. Is it any wonder that I am depressed?



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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