Now the Elite Turn on Poor Old Professor Richard Dawkins By Brian Simpson

     Richard Dawkins, earlier in his career was an advocate of atheism, based upon, allegedly, evolution, and a critic of Christianity. He was the darling of the elites at that time. But, then he began criticising Islam, and bingo, now the chatterers see him as … can you guess it? … a “racist”!

“Best-selling atheist author Richard Dawkins has once again been branded “racist” after he tweeted that the sound of cathedral bells is much more pleasant than the “aggressive-sounding Muslim Allahu Akbar.” The Arabic phrase – which means ‘God is Greatest’ – is used by Muslims, usually to express gratitude and commitment to Allah, and it’s sung at the beginning of the call to prayer. It also has negative connotations as a number of terrorists have shouted the words before carrying out attacks. Dawkins, who has previously faced a barrage of criticism for claiming in a 2013 tweet that Islam is the “greatest force for evil in the world today,” was again accused of Islamophobia on Tuesday morning after sending a provocative tweet.”

     This is yet another item clearly showing how the new class are based upon a radical deconstruction of traditional Western morality and its world view. Somehow they think, while drinking chardonnay and eating their fatty, sugary, high estrogenic  cuisine in expensive restaurants, that they will be the champions of the Islamic world they hope to see. There is no concern for consistency, and understanding how their feminist and gay agenda will survive.



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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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