Now Icecream is Racist. I Scream. By James Reed

     Who loves icecream? You do? Me too. Well, consider yourself a fellow “racist”:

“Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are arguing that the serving of ice cream in facilities like dining halls makes Muslims, Jewish, and vegan students feel unwelcome on campus. Student council members at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are protesting the campus practice of serving ice cream, which often contains beef gelatin, an ingredient that makes the treat inaccessible to members of certain faiths and diets. According to a new piece of legislation entitled “Ice Cream for All,” which was first reported on by Campus Reform, the student council argues that the university’s use of standard ice cream is discriminatory against members of the Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist religions — adding in vegetarian communities on campus as well. The legislation argues that the use of ice cream may make members of those communities feel unwelcome on campus.”

     When I read the headline, I just  knew that it had to be some nonsense coming from a university, somewhere. What else is there to expect from state funded adult childcare institutions, which give people with too much time on their hands, and  every opportunity to get up to mischief? Better, I say, to close them all down, and preserve the gentle virtues of ice cream. Every lover of ice cream should therefore support the James Reed global campaign to close down the universities. Redundant academics can get jobs selling ice cream on street corners, everywhere. Then, they might be doing something socially useful.

     Even though I shouldn’t do it, because of high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, Syndrome X and pimples, this article forced me to get a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream, with extra chocolate chips, full of crunchy goodness, which I will slurp down while proof reading this article, and then  emailing it over to South Australia, dripping with cyber  ice cream smudges.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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