Now Feminism Bites the Corporate bum By Mrs Vera West

     I have been waiting for feminism to implode since the 1970s. I thought at the time, once feminist demands conflict with corporate capitalism, boy, I mean, girl, then we will see action. Now it is starting to happen, first with the Me Too movement, and then this:

“New Zealand’s government is prepared to force private businesses to appoint more women directors if companies don’t make sufficient progress themselves, Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter says. The government said last week that it will ensure half of all directors on state sector boards and committees are women by 2021, compared with 46 per cent at the end of 2017. By comparison, women held just 19 per cent of directorships across the 159 companies listed on the main board of the New Zealand stock exchange, according to a report in January. “We’re awaiting the next report, and I’m keen to see where they get to,” Genter told Television New Zealand’s Q+A program Sunday. “If they’re not going to make progress, if it’s going to sit there at 19 per cent, then we might have to start thinking about ways government can incentivise them. Under Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the world’s youngest female leader, the government is forging ahead with plans to change the way women are treated in society and allow them to achieve their full potential, including an ambitious goal to eliminate the gender pay gap.”

     Only thing here is that there is no pay gender gap; if as a statistical average men earn more than women, it is because they work cruel hours in dangerous jobs that women do not want to do. Don’t tell me the New Zealand PM, or back to Julia Gillard, that these women did not earn as much as a male PM, although personally I think that they have done such a disasterous job that they, and all our male PMs should be paying back their salaries! Yes, there is a corporate imbalance in pay at the top, but senior positions are filled by the best quality candidates, because business is not a child care industry like government. These sorts of progressive moves are going to cost big business plenty and hit them where it hurts. Consequently, the corporates may be less frisky in backing politically correct causes next time round. After the same sex issue, I think that the corporates deserve all they get.



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Thursday, 13 August 2020
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