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Now Even Plastic Knives are Regulated in Oz (Isn’t it About Time, Too?) By John Steele

     What would the Vikings, Spartans, ancient Northern barbarians, Chinese shaolin warriors, the Japanese samurai and Christian warriors of all past ages think of this?

“A security measure put on the word “knife” at Woolworths means customers trying to buy plastic knives at any of the supermarket’s self-service check-outs will need to ask employees for approval. A customer shopping at Erskineville Woolworths, in Sydney’s inner west, earlier today noticed the security measure when she attempted to buy a 50 pack of plastic knives and was stopped at the self-service checkout. A Woolworths employee had to come over and approve the purchase, allowing the customer to continue scanning items. In a statement, Woolworths confirmed it had controls in place to make sure knives, regardless of what they were made of, could not be bought by people under 16. Selling knives to children under the age 16 is illegal in NSW. The only exception is that retailers are allowed to sell a plastic knife designed as an eating utensil. “New South Wales residents under 16 years of age are prohibited by law from buying certain types of knives. “In line with these requirements, we’ve put controls in place within our point of sale systems to flag whenever any kind of knife is scanned at a self-serve checkout,” a Woolworths spokeswoman said. “As plastic knives are exempt from the ban, our store teams do not need to see ID when these items are scanned and will help customers finalise their purchase.” Any product that contains the word “knife” will be flagged by the self-service checkout and a Woolies worker will need to approve the sale before the customer can continue, the supermarket giant confirmed.”

     It is easy; I just won’t be shopping there … that will really change things! Oh, I did an internet search to see if anyone in human history has been killed or assaulted with these sorts of plastic knives, that take some effort to cut peanut butter sandwiches. It seems that someone once cut their finger, so I can understand why such knives are perceived to be dangerous, and now need super-strict regulation.



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Monday, 25 May 2020
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