Not a Race Problem but a Police Problem By Chris Knight

     This video is worth looking at because it shows two ultra-white cops arresting a white woman for being nude on a public beach, only she has on a thong bikini. Of course, I do not approve, but the point is that the cops were super-eager to make an arrest. There is a comment by some guy who comes along, films it, and maybe has some legal background, who shows how ignorant the cops are. In the end they have to consult a printout to try and work out the law, even though they have already assaulted and false imprisoned said bikini girl. The problem is that cops basically do the easy revenue raising stuff, and soft questionable targets, rather than the hard yard of tackling real crime. This bikini event should not have happened. Instead, these cops should have ben following up crimes in the area. All this while US cops are standing by letting antifa burn, destroy and murder America.

     All of the so-called racism events are really about faulty police work. It is a pity that the ideologically-based Marxism attack directed things to the race dead end, when police reform, not defunding is what is needed. Defunded police will be even worse than what we have now, as only the worst police will remain in a job. Good work, Marxist ferals … but, that was your plan!



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Friday, 18 September 2020
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