North Korea is Just Plain Wrong about Australia by James Reed

North Korea has threatened Australia with a nuclear attack because the leaders of this fine nation have been supporting the USA and telling big fat lies about the DPRK:

What Kim what’s-his-name needs to understand is that since the Keating era, and probably going back to Arthur Calwell, Australia has been a part of Asia, and now is a part of China. Which part you may ask? Well, Paul Keating told us the answer to that one:; On this view, and I am not supporting it, only abusing it, Australia would not even be worth a nuclear weapon.

Oh, and thanks to Arthur Calwell’s “populate or perish” mania, to increase Australia’s “defence”  by mass migration which ultimately destroyed Anglo-Saxon society and created what we have today, Australia chose to get migrants rather than nuclear weapons, in a nation that exports uranium. Who called him out at the time? On whose watch did all of this occur? We don’t deserve our fate, but we will reap what has been sown.

However, bombing Australia would involve bombing mainly Chinese assets, so Mr Kim had better think twice about attacking China. We are owned by the very best the world has to offer, and as first-class slaves, we expect our protection.



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Friday, 04 December 2020
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