Nordic Racial Self-Dissolution By Paul Walker

     With the creation of a culture of White guilt and hatred, many individuals are naturally enough crushed by guilt, according to the great plan. Some are just angry, and biding their time, but let’s not go there. Here is today’s adventure in racial suicide:

“Perhaps it’s all the anti-white propaganda these days that’s causing some white people to go clinically insane, as yet another biological Caucasian woman has decided that she’s now a “trans black” woman, simply because she injected her skin with melanin to make it dark; enhanced the size of her breasts and butt; and now wears traditional African clothing. Martina Big from Germany has been featured numerous times on Great Britain’s This Morning program to discuss her transition, having told the show’s hosts that she’s always had an affinity for the shape and look of black women’s bodies. “When I was younger, I admired the curves,” Big stated on the program back in April 2017, highlighting the physical changes she’s been making to her own body to look more like a black woman. “My next step is going to be to pump up my lips,” she revealed.

Fast-forward to October 2017, and Big was then claiming that the color of both her eyes and eyebrows had changed as a result of her transition, which she actually believes is causing her to turn into a real-life black woman. “I can feel in myself that I’m changing into a black woman,” she stated. “My regrowing hair is changing … and becoming curly and more dark … This is 100 percent; I’m really sure” that I’m black, Big contends. When asked about how she viewed herself when she was still white and blonde, Big had this to say:

“I like my natural blonde beauty, but it’s like when boys get a new car,” she stated, comparing her transition into a trans black women to boys who modify their cars from stock vehicles into custom rides.”

     The question that she needs to consider is that does merely changing her “colour” artificially, therefore magically absolve her of the original sin of whiteness that the elites have created to fill the guilt-void that exists in the White soul, with the departure of the dominant role of Christianity? Is it even relevant? Of course not! Nothing can erase this original racial sin, even mass parades of flagellation, as the heretical 14th century Catholic Flagellants once did. It would do nothing. Mass suicide would do nothing. In fact, in the modern politically correct theology, even an infinitely powerful God, could not forgive whites for their sins against the spirit of political correctness. Whiteness is doom itself.

     Therefore, the correct response must be for surviving Whites: to hell with political correctness, and the whole rotten bag of bs. If everything we do is damned, then damned we are. Better to rule in Heaven, than be a slave in Hell.



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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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