Nordic Intelligence by Brian Simpson

While there is a move to attack and discredit IQ at this site, which I think is a good thing given the reductionist nature of this measure, perhaps some parting shots will be permitted before moving on.

Renewal vol. 20, no. 2, reported on IQ studies done on children born in Californian communes conducted by UCLA anthropologist Professor Thomas S. Weisner: These children were Anglo and had an IQ average of 113, with the Anglo control group having an IQ of 114. There have been a few studies like this, but it is politically incorrect to measure anything other than the broad category of “White,” which will certainly generate lower IQ scores given its vast variety (regression to the mean), taking in all manner of sub-groups with lower IQ scores.

Another Renewal article argues following work by Satoshi Kanazawa, that beautiful people have IQs up to 14 point above the norm. Championing the ideal of Nordic beauty, the little magazine quotes The Australian of January 17, 2011, as saying “The findings suggests that the stereotype of blondes or good-looking men being dummer than average needs to be revised. Instead it seems that evolution favours the already blessed, rewarding attractive people with partners who are not just good-looking, but also intelligent”:

Renewal mentioned that the ideas of beauty used by Kanazawa were based on Nordic standards, such as fair hair, so this gives an indirect indication of Nordic intelligence, accepting conventional IQ testing. Some studies suggest that people in cold countries have higher IQ (or are more intelligent if you like) that people in warm or hot countries because of the demands for survival that evolution placed upon them, which supports a high Nordic IQ, as well as a high IQ among the Eskimo: D. Templer and H. Arikawa, “Temperature, Skin color, Per Capita Income, and IQ: An International Perspective,” Intelligence, vol. 34, 2006, pp. 121-139.

There are also a healthy number of super high IQ Nordics, which should have got Jared Taylor and American Renaissance doing some thinking:;
However, Nordic genius are not the only ones in this class:



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