No Union Flag on Queen’s birthday By Richard Miller

     After everything the Royal family has done to fit in with and support the present politically correct regime, i.e Markle the sparkle,  etc., and they get this for their trouble:

“Students at an Oxford college has voted against flying the Union Flag on the Queen's birthday because it is a 'symbol of colonialism'. The decision was made by 21 votes to six at a meeting of the Junior Common Room of Somerville College – whose alumni include Margaret Thatcher – last Sunday. The motion that was rejected also called for the flag to be flown on Remembrance Sunday and on the birthdays of other senior Royals, and for the Home Nation flags to flown on patron saints' days. According to the JCR minutes, one objector said: 'The Union Jack is not a unifying flag as many soldiers were forced to go into the war and it is also a symbol of colonialism.”

     The rules of the game are that we assume that colonialism was bad, hence roll on the ground, bang your fists with guilt etc. This is the view of the young cub elites. With fast changing demographics from mass migration, let alone the influx of billions that could occur from the UN Migration/Refugee double death package, Britain is likely to become a Republic and dump probably King Charles, within the next few years, certainly before 2025:

“Britain is poised at two historic turning points — and they go together. Very much depends on the outcome. Rapid population growth, driven by the highest immigration in our history, is destabilising and transforming its population, its environment and its ethnic make-up into something quite new. At the same time, the UK faces a choice about leaving the EU or remaining in it. Some welcome the growth of the population and the increased diversity that it brings. For those who do not, leaving the EU offers a possibility of moderating at least some of that growth, keeping the UK in something like its present size and shape. However, that is only a possibility. What might the future hold for the ethnic composition of the UK?

I made a projection in 2010 that if immigration stayed at its long-term rate of around 180,000 a year as it was at the time, the White British-born population would decline from 80 per cent of the total then to just 59 per cent in 2051. Taking the projection to a more uncertain distance, the White British population would cease to be the majority in the UK by the late 2060s. However, should current high levels of immigration persist for any length of time, that date would move closer to the present. Britain would then become unrecognisable to its present inhabitants. Some people would welcome a brave new experiment, pioneering a wider world future. Others, though, might say ‘Finis Britanniae’. What does all this mean?

Some would welcome it as a move to a more diverse society. But as numbers in different groups increase, their need to integrate into British society becomes less and less, except inasmuch as they are needed to operate in the economy. And as the balance of numbers changes, the question arises as to who will adapt to whom. Some, like many Pakistani Muslims in some Northern cities, continue to live a closed, traditional lifestyle in First World comfort, with little need to adapt to their British surroundings. Such groups increase, while UK space available to the White British diminishes. The former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, recently warned vigorously about the serious consequences of failing to adopt a strong policy of integration, warning of ‘squeamishness about addressing diversity risks allowing our country to sleepwalk to a catastrophe that will set community against community’. The truth is that very high levels of immigration make this issue even more pressing than before.”

     I do not recall monarchists writing much about the changing ethnic composition of existing monarchies, and the impact of that on survival of the monarchy. Perhaps they are like other conservatives who believe that race and ethnicity does not matter. With all that we have seen, hopefully that is not so, because then all will be lost.



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Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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