No Jab, No Job By Mrs Vera West

The vaccine fetish strategy was developed with the no jab, no play, no pay, back with prime Minister Tony Rabbit, but now they really mean business and here is the latest news about the movement to not having a job unless you are Covid-19 vaccinated. Hey, what about people voluntarily consenting to just getting the disease in special isolation and getting natural immunity? Is that still possible or are vaccines the only thing in this universe of discourse, being profit-generating for Big Pharma? Could the postmodernist neo-Marxist please deconstruct this? Oh, the Left won’t go there.

“Workers could be forced to have a COVID-19 vaccine or risk losing their jobs, with major employers not ruling out making the jab compulsory. Some of the biggest employers in Queensland have left the door open to intro­ducing “no jab, no pay” policies for staff, as the retail sector says mass uptake of the ­vaccine might be the only way out of the “COVID-normal” way of life.

Domino’s, RACQ, UQ and Queensland’s two largest local governments would not rule out requiring workers to get the COVID-19 jab yesterday, saying that they’ll “assess the merits of the vaccine as more information becomes available”.

Other major employers contacted by The Courier-Mail, including Virgin Aus­tralia Group, Woolworths, PwC, Commonwealth Bank and the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services, had also not yet made a decision regarding staff vaccinations.

It comes after Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce last month said international passengers would require the vaccine to travel.

The issue of whether COVID-19 vaccines could be made compulsory for school students and teachers is also expected to go before National Cabinet.

Australian Retailers Association chief executive Paul Zahra said it was too early to forecast what government or industry would do once a ­vaccine became available, but that it would be vital for ­consumer and business confidence, particularly as government stimulus faded.

“Without the vaccine, we are likely to remain suspended in what we are currently calling COVID-normal,” Mr Zahra said.

“This leaves many question marks around everyday activities such as workers returning to CBD office locations, the return of regular events – arts, culture, restaurants and entertainment and hence, for retailers all the associated spending on discretionary items like fashion.”

First the test case of Queensland, then the rest of Australia, maybe the planet. I would be happy to have the jab if I could inject Bill Gates myself. And, what happens with mutations of the virus, an infinite regress of jabs, forever?





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Friday, 05 March 2021
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