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No Go Fund for Whites? Go Figure! By Chris Knight

     Here, we first get the facts of this rotten story:

“The Connecticut banker charged with manslaughter for allegedly killing a hotel worker in Anguilla has had a GoFundMe page that raised $250,000 for him as he faces trial, has been pulled by the crowdfunding site for flouting rules. GoFundMe held the money raised by Scott Hapgood's supportive community and vowed not to release it unless he signed an agreement not to use the money for his legal defense, as the platform states it cannot be used in cases where someone has been accused of a violent crime.” It was after fuming supporters of dead Anguilla man Kenny Mitchel, 27, found out about the donations from people that saw anywhere from $100 to $5,000 being handed over to pay for Hapgood's legal fight. 'The epitome of white privilege,' one disappointed person wrote on a Facebook page pushing for justice for Mitchel who was killed in April after he knocked on Hapgood's Malliouhana hotel room door to fix the sink but brandished a knife, according to the 44-year-old father who was on vacation.”

     Wait, what was it that Scott did? Oh, he defended his child daughters from rapists. Of course, he should have let them be raped, which is only the white thing to do.

“When UBS banker and father of three Scott Hapgood was arrested and charged with manslaughter in Anguilla, I was one of the first and most vocal observers to sound an alarm. I declared Hapgood an American hero for defending his life and the lives of his young daughters when confronted by an armed attacker inside his hotel room while on vacation. From day one, it was clear to me that he was no murderer but instead a man forced to do the unthinkable when unexpectedly forced into a literal fight to survive. After all, who in his right mind would believe that an affluent, family-oriented man from Connecticut would decide to take the life of a hotel maintenance worker in Anguilla — in front of his own children, mind you — for no reason? Unfortunately for Hapgood, since that day, he has been victimized repeatedly, and it continues still. He was victimized for the first time when Kenny Mitchel showed up unexpectedly at Hapgood’s hotel room, pretending to fix his sink. Once gaining access to the room, Mitchel violently stabbed, bit, and robbed Hapgood. Hapgood was victimized for the second time when authorities in Anguilla denied him bail and threw him into prison when he was clearly guilty of nothing more than defending his life and those of his children. Today, Hapgood is being victimized yet again by being forced to stand trial in a foreign territory with an ill-prepared judiciary, even though a cursory examination of the facts demonstrates that such a process is needless.”

     In short, avoid all of these magic holidays in the sun destinations. Stay home and spend your money locally.



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Sunday, 05 July 2020
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