New York Times: Anarcho-Tyranny By Charles Taylor (Florida)

     How low can they go? The New York Times is apparently, according to  TV host Tucker Carlson, who is leading the charge against the present madness in the US, and who has some impact upon Trump. So, naturally the new class would want to silence him.

“On his Monday night program, Carlson scolded: “Last week, the New York Times began working on a story about where my family and I live,” said the host. “As a matter of journalism, there is no conceivable justification for a story like that. The paper is not alleging we’ve done anything wrong, and we haven’t. We pay our taxes. We like our neighbors. We’ve never had a dispute with anyone.” As he continued, Carlson cranked up the conspiracy-speak: “So why is the New York Times doing a story on the location of my family’s house? Well, you know why. To hurt us. To injure my wife and kids so that I will shut up and stop disagreeing with them. They believe in force. We’ve learned that.” With that, Carlson told the story of how protesters show up at his home in 2018. “A group of screaming antifa lunatics showed up while I was at work. They vandalized our home. They threatened my wife. She called 911 while hiding in a closet.”

“Editors there know exactly what will happen to my family when it does run,” Carlson continued. “I called them today, and I told them. But they didn’t care. They hate my politics. They want this show off the air. If one of my children gets hurt because of a story they wrote, they won’t consider it collateral damage. They know it’s the whole point of the exercise: To inflict pain on our family, to terrorize us, to control, we say. That’s the kind of people they are.”

     What he needs to do, is to make use of his wealth and hire armed security guards with vicious attack dogs. If there is a repeat of what happened before with antifa, then set the hounds upon them! He is in the comfortable position of not needing to confront the feral scum himself, but can use paid muscle, fur and teeth to do it.



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Thursday, 13 August 2020
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