Neo Con Rhinos Want War with Russia to Make Way for Commo China By Charles Taylor

President Trump, who won, believes that the hacking was not exclusively by Russia, and could well be China. But, the neo cons, and their Leftist globalist friends, the Demorats, say it is the same Russia that hacked the 2016 election, but apparently not the 2020 one, which was completely honest, since the right globalist won, Beijing Biden.

“On Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Radio’s “Guy Benson Show,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) stated that he believes the cyberattack on the federal government will make the OPM hack “pale in comparison” and “is the biggest story of the year, probably, besides coronavirus.”

Kinzinger said, “So, this is the biggest story of the year, probably, besides coronavirus. We don’t know the depths of what’s happened. What we do know is we think these hacks started in March, maybe even before. We had no idea. … So, this makes the OPM hack that took anybody that had a security clearance’s information, this makes the terrible damage that Edward Snowden did to our national defense and our nation, and I think it’s going to pale in comparison to this. I — there’s a lot we need to know, but this is starting to approach an actual, direct act of war by the Russians.”

However, none of these globalist remark at all about China’s continuous cyberwarfare, and electoral interference, including claims of actually printing voting slips. If that was not grounds for war, nothing is, but the globalist wing of the New World Order has decided that China will now rule the waves. But will they move from America to China? How will China put up with this given that these people have not been brain washed, as the people of the West have been? It may not turn out how they want, and it all could come unstuck. Too bad for them.

“This is the most important Situation Update we’ve published so far. It’s for Friday, December 18th, and runs 98 minutes. See the video embed below.

I’ve altered the format to make sure that elections information goes first, with vaccine or Covid topics at the end. This way, you get the urgent national security / elections information right up front.

Here are the highlights from today’s Situation Update:

  • Trump’s intelligence and military team members have put everything in place for an Insurrection Act scenario, but Trump still has to be the one to pull the trigger. Will he?
  • The Republican party is finished. McConnell just committed career suicide and discredited the entire party by siding with Biden as the “winner” of the obviously fraudulent election.
  • A new political party will arise from all this, and Americans will reject both the hopelessly corrupt DNC and the pathetic, spineless GOP.
  • We’ve all been thinking too small. Signs are now pointing toward war with China, not merely a domestic war with the deep state. America may be in an active international war before Jan. 20th.
  • Cyber hacks that appear to be from China (although the fake news media keeps reporting Russia) have penetrated and compromised the US government agencies that control all nuclear missiles and nuclear material stockpiles. This was a devastating cyber attack, with huge implications for national security.
  • I am designating this event a “Cyber Red Dawn.”
  • Gen. Flynn appears to call for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act. Confirms “foreign interference” in the US elections.
  • Lin Wood accuses SCOTUS Justice Roberts of being a treasonous, corrupt, (possible) pedophile who has betrayed America.
  • SCOTUS now designated as “complicit” in conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America.
  • Reminder of the Pentagon order to shut down its internal “secure” communications systems, across the board, due to devastating cyber intrusion.
  • The Department of Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration were both hacked and compromised, revealing national security secrets and details about America’s nuclear missiles, nuclear fuel, conventional power grid assets and more. A huge breach. Cyber warfare.
  • US Army reveals, “We expect adversary actions directed against the homeland.”
  • SCOTUS is slow-walking the Sidney Powell lawsuit in yet another betrayal of America. The courts will NOT be the solution. Only the military.
  • Dr. Jerome Corsi says Trump will win.
  • There is a tug of war within the National Intelligence Agency. Miles Guo (gnews) says, “the war between the CCP and the United States has already started and the battlefield is in the United States.”
  • Vaccine news: A SECOND Alaska healthcare worker has an allergic reaction to Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine just one day after another staff member at the same hospital went into anaphylactic shock.
  • A nurse in the USA passes out and nearly face plants on camera, just minutes after taking the coronavirus vaccine on live TV. Public relations nightmare for the vaccine industry. Doctors rushed to block the camera on the scene…”



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Tuesday, 02 March 2021
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