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Nasty Pasty Cosmopolitanism By Richard Miller

     I once thought that the UK was a test case for white racial genocide/suicide, but, no, Sweden has to go first to eliminate the Nordic gene pool for all time. No chance of resurrection then, and to do it, it is best to let the viral infected wipe out their own kind. It’s more juicy and delicious that way for the Dark Lords of Mordor to get off on. How else to make sense of the day-to-day decay:

     A meme which features a man with his girlfriend, while looking at a more attractive woman, the “distracted boyfriend meme,” has been attacked by Sweden’s Official Advertising Ombudsman. Yes, while the country has its migrant no-go zones, rapes and grenade attacks, there is still much energy to deliver final blows to Swedish males. Changing girlfriends, or even thinking about it, may soon be illegal. As illegal as all memes may soon be with the passage of the anarcho-tyrannical EU Copyright Directive:

“Article 13 is — if possible — even more controversial, earning itself the reputation of a "meme killer." It would require web giants to automatically filter copyrighted material — songs, images, videos — uploaded on their platforms, unless it has been specifically licensed. Despite its divisiveness, the piece of legislation passed by 438 votes to 226 with 39 abstentions in the European Parliament. The most furious lobbying efforts focused on this article, with musicians, artists and authors coming out strongly in favour of the rule, and technology companies — such as YouTube — warning against its dangers.”

     Yes, for Europe there goes what remained of a  free and open internet. Expect that experiment to soon be applied to the US and little old sleepy Oz.
    Does anyone remember freedom in this age of totalitarian enslavement?



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Thursday, 06 August 2020
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