Myths about the Myth of Whiteness By Peter Ewer

     The ethnomasochism of the Hollywood chattering class has never been consistent. Thus, we have the recent example of Anne Hathaway, who is some sort of actress, rattling on abut white privilege, feeling guilty, crawl, kiss boots etc. Too much food, clothing and shelter, I think produces this attitude. Also, doing too many nude scenes in movies might also have an impact.

“Actress Anne Hathaway said that it was time to destroy the “myth” of “whiteness” during a speech at the Human Rights Campaign annual dinner Saturday. The New York Post reports that Anne Hathaway received the “National Equality Award” and during her speech said, “I think I’m probably walking around like most people right now. I’m pretty shell shocked by what I see every day, what I hear everyday. And I really don’t like to admit this, but I get scared.” The Les Misérables star also ranted against “whiteness” and “straightness.” Hathaway reportedly said that “with the exception of being a cisgender male, everything about how I was born has put me at the current center of a damaging and widely-accepted myth,” continuing, “that myth is that gayness orbits around straightness, transgender orbits around cisgender, and that all races orbit around whiteness.”

     It is good that these Hollywood creatures are crawling out of the area behind the Hollywood on the hill sign, to vomit up their bile. Get it all off your chest. We all know where we stand now. As well, it seems that one does not have to be “white” to be banned, or to write on race/immigration issues. Roosh’s terribly romantic dating book has been banned and he is Middle Eastern, complete with a power beard, but still a man of the Right:

     The Empire  is fighting back, in the only way it knows how. The dragons have been fed by the dollar food of the ordinary unthinking people, and now these gorged creatures are set to rival the “desolation of Smaug” (The Hobbit): 



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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