More Shocking Transgender Discrimination By Mrs Vera West

     As our foreign correspondent, Richard Miller from London tells us, the UK is becoming something of a paradise, with the UK police doing their uttermost to serve and protect …  guess who?

“UK police are investigating the potential “hate crime” of a transgender woman being turned down for a porn role because she still has a penis. Yes, really. 25-year-old Ria Cooper, who became the UK’s youngest transgender person 10 years ago, received messages on WhatsApp from on anonymous photographer who wanted to have sex on camera and sell the tape. However, when the photographer found out that Cooper still had male reproductive organs, he said he couldn’t work with her because she [has a penis]. This prompted Cooper to alert Humberside Police to this “transphobic behavior” and authorities are now investigating whether a hate crime was committed. A spokeswoman for Humberside Police said: “We received a report of a hate incident yesterday, on Wednesday, October 16. The report has been logged and will be investigated.” The UK’s violent crime rate has risen by 19% in the last year. Fatal stabbings are becoming commonplace in major cities.”

     The UK police are indeed the most progressive institution in the land of political correctness. You may get stabbed to death, but your gender preference will be defended to the ends of the Earth, or the dribbling coast of the piddling land of the UK, not-Great Britain.

“A 20-strong gang set upon four tree surgeons in Rochdale, England, calling them “white b******s” and cutting off a teenage worker’s hand with an axe. 27-year-old Habibur Rahman, of Milnrow Road, Rochdale, gathered the mob after the workers had stopped him from abusing an elderly woman, the Manchester Evening News reports. Rahman, incensed that he had been “disrespected” on his “territory”, tracked the four workers to the property they were working on in the rape gang blighted city, blocking them in by parking his car across the driveway while the mob approached armed with weapons including a claw hammer, knives, machetes, a knuckle-duster — and the fateful axe. “I am not going to let them leave,” Rahman said from his car, abusing the workers as “white b*****ds” who were in his “country”, the court heard. “They’re going to get what they deserve. They’re going to get stabbed.”

     It would be a fulltime job, and what a job that would be, linking all of this UK stuff all day. Then there is the equally mad US, where that false Indian lady wants transgender illegals to be immediately allowed entry into the US …just because...

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a leading 2020 Democrat presidential primary candidate, says transgender border crossers and illegal aliens “must” be released into the United States. Warren, with Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) where she demands that transgender border crossers and illegal aliens be released into the U.S. rather than being held in Mexico under President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. “While in detention, transgender migrants and asylum seekers are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment, discrimination, and abuse,” Warren writes in the letter. “The United States should protect individuals fleeing persecution and targeted violence, including persecution based on gender identity or expression — not subject them to further harm. “Trans migrants and asylum seekers are particularly vulnerable,” Warren wrote on Twitter. “We must end unnecessary detention and enforce strict standards to keep trans migrants and asylum seekers safe — and I’ll continue holding our government accountable when they fail to do so.”

     All the more reason for them not to migrate, and stay home, for, after all, the West is an intrinsically evil place the Left tell us, so isn’t there a moral duty to protect illegals by helping them at home, where they are free from evil white racists like bad orange man?



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Monday, 26 October 2020
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