More Sexual Enlightenment By Mrs Vera West

     Following in the aftermath of the glorious victory for human rights in the same sex marriage vote, something which the entire history of humanity has been building up to, there has been other noteworthy achievements in previously, somewhat slow Australia, namely:

“It’s a big win for transgender teens today in Australia.
Australia was the last place in the world transgender children needed court authorisation to receive Stage 2 hormone treatment, even if they or their parents consented to the procedure.
That’s now no longer the case thanks to a landmark decision in the country’s Family Court on Thursday, ending the need for the unnecessary and stressful legal process.
Since 2013, it’s been a requirement that courts need to approve Stage 2 treatment.
Stage 2 hormone treatment involves the administration of oestrogen or testosterone, allowing an adolescent to develop the pubertal characteristics of the gender they associate with. It follows Stage 1 hormone treatment, which delays puberty.”

     Fine, as a powerless, dispossessed minority in Australia, how could one object to this, or to anything, in fact? One becomes politically autistic:

    One question though: once the entire system collapses from all of the problems discussed at this site and others, such as Collapse, and
and technological medicine is no longer available, what happens then with hormone replacement therapy, when hormones are no longer available?

     And, what happens to mass urban centres when the lights go out, and hospitals and medical services disappear, finally, perhaps from a North Korean nuclear attack:

“Australia must develop greater missile defences to ward off a strike from North Korea, a former high-ranking Pentagon official said.
Brad Roberts served as US deputy assistant secretary of defence for nuclear and missile defence policy between 2009 and 2013, and is currently in Australia briefing senior officials about regional dangers.
He warned Australia could be struck by a North Korean weapon.”

     So what happens to progressive values when Australia is reduced to a Mad Max world? Maybe this:

     A Christman gift for John Steele, only he does not have power in his tent, already living in the post-apocalypse:



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Friday, 18 September 2020
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