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More PC Incoherent Nonsense from The Twilight Zone By Brian Simpson

     Here is a recently published movie guide for white nationalists, put out by my least favourite site, American Renaissance. Reading the list, very few of the movies have much race realism in it, as defined by that site. Thus, American Psycho is on the list, but the great John Wayne movie the Searchers, regarded as a racial realist movie here, reviewed by our own John Steele:

     Doesn’t appear on the list at all. Nor do we see this years’ anti-immigration classic, Rambo: Last Blood. No doubt too much fire power there for the gentle Asian IQ worshipping folk.

     I continue watching in horror and fascination, the 2019, woke, politically correct version of The Twilight Zone, a show that I originally watched in its 1960s version (1959-1964). One episode (“Not All Men”) had all the men … except for the gay male hero … going violently crazy in a small town, with the message that all men are violent psychopaths. That includes the army who come to save the otherwise hysterical women who run around like hens with their heads about to be chopped of, literally. Then there is a record maker in pc wokeness, “Point of Origin,” which does the anti-Trump pro open borders thing. Here we have the government, represented in 1984 style arresting illegal aliens, only these are aliens from another dimension, hiding on Earth. The movie traces the destruction of a white American housewife, who finds out she is an alien, because she has the “right’ dreams.  It is all bs, but the ending has the plump  4th Wall commentator saying that we are all migrants, open borders, blah, blah. But I noted, that it was said that the aliens from another dimension were a physics threat to our dimension. So, immigration control was justified in their own terms. Further, to add to the inconsistencies, the Earth people are not migrants at all, but were all born here, while the aliens, who threaten their existence, really are outsiders.

     The liberals in the movie industry are getting so triggered that they are losing even the basics of consistency. I came away hating immigration even more than I did last week, worrying now about extra-dimensional threats. Isn’t there enough on our minds now?  Don’t even get me started on the rest of the anti-white biased material on TV:



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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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