More Good Reasons for Shutting Down the Universities By James Reed

     Talk about running in packs – anyone in the modern university who dares to question the new religion of race and mass immigration gets squashed, fast:

“More than 200 academics have signed a letter accusing a controversial Cambridge academic of publishing 'racist pseudoscience'. Dr Noah Carl has previously spoken at a  conference about eugenics and claimed that opposition to immigration can be based on 'rational beliefs'. The University of Cambridge research fellow has now been accused of publishing 'ethically suspect and methodologically flawed work' by academics, the Times reported. Professors at top universities in the UK and abroad including Oxford, Cambridge and Princeton published the open letter demanding Cambridge carry out an investigation into its appointment process. Dr Carl's previous controversial writings have included:

•    linking an increased population to rising terrorism levels;
•    claims that 'consensual stereotypes' about nationalities or race 'are generally found to be accurate';
•    how Remain voters do not understand why Leave voters wanted to quit the EU;
•    and the impact of immigration on arrest rates.

Among these writings was one paper in 2016, in which he claimed that 'the higher the percentage of Muslims in the population, the greater the share of citizens susceptible to Islamist radicalisation'.”

     Surely, right or wrong, these issues require intelligent discussion, not being shut down? Since the universities do not allow free speech, these hollow institutions should be shut down, fast.



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Thursday, 15 April 2021
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