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More from the Delightful Mr Li By Brian Simpson

     As a divorced school teacher, I don’t have much to do in my free time, so imagine my delight to discover that someone from China is reading our work, and savagely criticising us, well, me! At last a true purpose in life, free to devote hours of once wasted time now  to counter-attacking! Life has meaning again!

    Now Mr Li, I call him, was  strongly opposed to the idea that Nordics, Northern Europeans have anything worthwhile in their pre-history, as well as the idea that Africans have less cultural accomplishments than Europeans, with the East Asians being top of the pops (Jews having the highest IQ though). I have responded to the Afro-centric thesis, which is rejected by most anthropologists, but perhaps Mr Li would like to talk about contemporary Chinese reactions to African migrants as depicted here:, and about a thousand other internet articles.

     It is interesting that Mr Li holds to a type of Leftist position, when most other Chinese, God bless them, have woken up to the “white left” or baizuo. Although our Western media likes to portray the Chinese people as closed minded and suppressed, and to some degree they are, on many matters that we are silenced, such as multicultural conflicts, the Chinese are exposing the utter ignorance of white liberal elites. If you can read Chinese here is a sample:

     Now to Mr LI’s latest criticisms. He says that I hold that cold northern climates led to historical evolutionary selection pressure for intelligence, understood as survival savvy. But, he thinks that this must be wrong because then one cannot explain the emergence of civilisations such as the Aztecs and the Maya, basically civilizations in hot climates. And, saying that Nordics, and Eskimos too, were subjected to selection pressures logically does not preclude other factors from operating in other regions and at other times. It is consistent with this that hot climates could have a selection pressure as well, but cultural factors are likely to be historically more important:

     In short, arguing that Northern people achieved high intelligence because of selective pressure from environmental extremes, does not imply that people elsewhere are therefore of low or even lower intelligence, because there are more factors at work than just climate in those cases. It is a logical inference error on Mr Li’s part because for a complex phenomena such a human intelligence, any general mono-causal aetiology is likely to fail.

     As part of his continuous attack on Nordic people, who he clearly despises, Mr Li mentions that Romans like Caesar, Cicero and Tacitus inform us that the Northern Europeans were “obsessed with human sacrifice, homosexuality, drunkenness and war?”  It is ironic that Mr Li had mentioned the Aztecs as a great civilisation when human sacrifice was so much a part of their civilisation: There is scholarly debate about how many thousands of people were sacrificed, and why, and the extent of human cannibalism:

     On Roman criticisms of Northern Europeans, Mr Li cites Tacitus, which is uninformed: Tacitus in Germania praises the Germanic people and shows that they practiced a high culture and the exact opposite of the slur that was made against them:; In general see: The debating point also needs to be made that military leaders who were in conflict with the Northern Europeans, and who were never able to conquer them, but who got their butts whipped in the battle of the Teutoburg forest: The Romans were very sore about not being able to beat the Germans, and some historians see the Germanics as ultimately destroying Rome, which a group of dumb barbarians would not be able to do. Combat prowess is perhaps the supreme test of “intelligence,” whatever that is: Do I need to even go into the homosexuality question and ancient Greece? The Nordic opposed this strongly at the time, but man-man love was common in Greece, as was man-boy love: Just consult Tacitus.

     Why is it important to debate these issues? Because our people are under attack by the elites, and marked for oblivion. Mr Li should be aware that the same forces are now looking at doing to China, what has been done to us, and I would not want to see a great people be subjected to the same degradation, but it is happening. What a pity he chooses not to defend his own people from the attack of the baizuo, but continues to attack us because of his dislike of northern Europeans. We here do not have the same negative feelings for China, and respect its ancient history, even though we criticise present day economic imperialism.
But, it does not matter: I have plenty of time on my hands, and will always respond.
People say that I am the most argumentative person they have ever met!



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Thursday, 16 July 2020
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