More Evidence of False News from the Mainstream Media By Charles Taylor

     Here is a great article showing that the mainstream media is only interested in sinking its opponents, not in getting the truth:

“The media ran wild Monday with the fake news 100,000 children are currently being held in U.S. migrant detention centers. Someone named Manfred Nowak, who heads something called the U.N. Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty, told a bunch of corrupt reporters, “We have more than — still more than — 100,000 children in migration-related detention in the United States of America.” Among others, the Associated Press (and by extension all those who republished the AP), the AFP and Reuters, ran with it. Here’s the real news [emphasis added throughout]: But on Tuesday, [Nowak] told The AP that [100,000] figure was drawn from a U.N. refugee agency report citing data from 2015, the latest figure his team could find. That was before U.S. President Donald Trump, whose policies on migration have drawn criticism, was elected. Tee hee. The data is from 2015, y’all… Guess who was president in 2015? But there’s more…

Nowak also said the figure of over 100,000 referred to the cumulative number of migrant children held in detention at any point during that year, whether “for two days or eight months or the whole year,” not all simultaneously. So, unlike what the media professionals repeated without question or skepticism, the 100,000 figure does not refer to children currently imprisoned by Evil Trump. Rather, it refers to the children held by the media’s Precious Barry. Oh, and that number is not a count of the children “in custody at one particular time.” Instead, it is a cumulative number of those held for various amounts of time (as little as two days) throughout the year. In other words, this statistic is utterly meaningless. It says nothing about anything involving America. All it shows — that is, if you are still dumb enough to assume the correction is correct — is that our southern border is being overwhelmed and we really, really, really need to build a big, beautiful wall. But let’s talk about the bottom line…

What kind of flaming idiot believes our immigration system has the facilities to hold 100,000 children? Yeah, I wish. It gets worse, because you not only have to believe we have the facilities to hold 100,000 people; if you are told those 100,000 are children, you have to believe we have the facilities to also hold the adults who accompanied them. So now we are talking about — what? — 250,000 people? In other words, our co-called media professionals, those oh-so-responsible, capital-“J” journalists who attended J-school, who are buried in layers of professional fact checkers and layers of editorial accountability, blindly reported that President Trump currently has in custody more people than the population of Scottsdale, Arizona; of Reno, Nevada; of Lubbock, Texas; of Boise, Idaho; of San Bernardino, California; of Jersey City, New Jersey. The population of Orlando, Florida, is 285,000. This is how stupid, corrupt, inept, compromised, and desperate-to-lie the media are. I mean, how does any thinking adult — much less a “journalist” — publish something like this without a hint of skepticism, without following up, without doing some digging, without using the Google Machine?”

     Breitbart destroyed the item, but the purpose was never to present the truth, but to throw mud, and see what stuck. A good TV example of this is seen in the lawyer program, Bull, where the lawyer of the trial science team, usually throws out objectionable questions, loaded with prejudicial material, then withdraws them, but it is not withdrawn from the juries’ subconscious. This is the same tactic of the big lie being employed here. It was done with the Russian hoax, and practiced again with the Ukrainian conspiracy as well. They are truly an evil bunch.



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Sunday, 24 January 2021
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