Mobile Phones Cause Cancer By Mrs Vera West

     Mobile phones irritate me, almost as much as the people who use them. Now there is strong evidence that such devices cause cancer, not that I would wish harm to irritating people:

“It’s something that’s been widely debated for years, and now scientists have ‘clear evidence’ that phone radiation causes cancer - at least in rats. Researchers from the National Toxicology Program found that radiation from phones using 2G and 3G caused male rats to develop cancerous tumours in the heart and brain. Dr John Bucher, who led the study, said: “We believe that the link between radio frequency radiation and tumours in male rats is real.” In the study, the researchers housed rats in special chambers, where they exposed the animals to phone radiation from the womb and through their lifetime.”

     Ok, it is a rat study so is not absolutely certain that the same results would occur in humans, but for betting people, the odds are that mobile phones do cause cancer in humans. I have a mobile phone, and seldom use it. After a while people stop bothering you and the peace of silence and privacy returns.



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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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