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Mind Control Waves: Uncle Joe was Right After All By Uncle Len, with No Mind at All, but Who does Not Mind

     My Uncle Joe, who was a cranky old conspiracy nutter like me, often spoke about “mind control waves,’” used to control the “cretins,” pardon the French. Yet, for all of his madness, which runs in the family, it seems the old circus clown was spot on:

“The Washington State Fusion Center, a multi-agency counterterrorism center, accidentally released some puzzling documents this week: A dossier on the effects of remote mind control, a media report claims. Investigative journalism site Muckrock filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the center, looking for documents on Fusion’s investigations into white supremacist groups and far-left activists Antifa. Among the trove of documents they got back was a file titled “EM effects on human body.”

© Washington State Fusion Center

     The file contained an apparent explanation of the effects of electromagnetic waves on the human body. These waves, one document explained, can read and broadcast a person’s thoughts, manipulate their limbs, control their dreams, and create sensations, from agonizing all-over body pain to involuntary orgasm, the report states. Another document seems to explain how electromagnetic mind-control weapons can be deployed by satellite, through mobile phones, or from equipment hidden in the back of a sinister-looking black van.

     Well, diagrams in an article: that is pretty impressive. And how clever are the elites in simply controlling the minds of the asses  masses like using a remote for your TV, not that I have ever had a TV, but I have seen then in shops on the odd occasion, with magnificent black and white moving pictures? I am open to believing any conspiracy. Nothing is too outlandish to be true, and in fact, I believe because it is absurd: credo quia absurdum: Tertullian: 




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Saturday, 04 July 2020
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