Migration Mad UN By Richard Miller

     If it is not the anti-Pope mouthing off about the joys of infinite  immigration, it is the ever-conspiratorial UN. Look, despite everything you read by the hour, knives, rapes, terrorism, and other items, there is no European migration crisis, and in fact, immigration should be increased exponentially for at least the next 20 trillion years, just as a warm up:

“The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, has claimed that while Germany saw a migrant crisis in 2015, there is currently no crisis in Europe, and some are over dramatising mass migration. Mr Grandi said that despite a continued flow of migrants from North Africa and elsewhere, Europe is not undergoing a “migrant crisis,” saying: “the real refugee crises were and are in Africa, in the Middle East, [and] in Asia,” German newspaper Die Zeitreports. “I have just returned from a trip to Bangladesh, where you have one million refugees in the worst of conditions, where you have an emergency — but not in Europe!” he added. The UN official also slammed the rhetoric of the leaders of the European populist movement such as Italian leader Matteo Salvini, saying: “to say that there is an invasion of Europe, that we are a continent besieged by people coming to exploit us, is profoundly wrong”. He claimed such rhetoric promoted xenophobia and racism.”

     Does the UN read news items, for there are whole sites filled with stunning articles that need to be incorporated into their world view:

“At least seven people have been injured, four seriously, in Paris after a man attacked people with a knife and an iron bar at two separate locations. The attacker is believed to be an Afghan national. In an initial incident, the attacker wounded three people in front of a cinema in the 19th arrondissement late on Sunday evening. A group of men playing petanque tried to stop him by throwing a heavy iron ball used in the popular French game, according to Le Parisien. “He had an iron bar in his hand which he threw at the men chasing him, then he took out a knife,” a security guard at the cinema recalled after the initial attack. According to another witness account, a man running with a 25-30cm knife in his hand was pursued by around 20 people. “They started throwing petanque balls at him. Around four or five balls hit him in the head, but they weren't able to stop him,” Youssef Najah told AFP.

     And, so it goes on.



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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