Migrant Rocket Scientists Being Treated for Diseases By Charles Taylor

     The poor migrants hurtling towards the US border aiming to enrich America with their diversity and high educations and skills, mostly in rocket science, have faced many racist obstacles, especially from the greatest racist of them all, Mother Nature:

“Mexican officials stated that more than one-third of the 6,000 caravan migrants currently living in the border city of Tijuana, Baja California, are being treated for health-related issues. Some are being treated for infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and chickenpox. The Tijuana Health Department warned that many of the migrants residing in their city are presenting serious health issues, Fox News reported on Thursday morning. A spokesman for the agency said that more than 2,200 of the estimated 6,000 caravan migrants are currently being treated. Of these, there are four confirmed cases of HIV/AIDS, four cases of chickenpox, and three cases of tuberculosis, the official stated. The department also claims that more than 100 migrants are infested with lice and there are multiple instances of skin infections. Officials also expressed concern that the unsanitary conditions in the shelters could lead to an outbreak of Hepatitis.”

     The collapse of the US health care system, similar to Venezuela, which is set to occur now that all of South America has a constitutional claim upon US entry, is a small price to pay to be politically correct and pure of racism. After all, diversity is the great strength in the universe, isn’t it?

“Ethnic displacement, or demographic replacement, looks like this. Nationalists are going to take over the Republican party, since otherwise it has no future as minority groups become a collective majority through immigration, higher reproduction rates, and birthright citizenship. Minority groups will never vote for majority interests. At the same time, the Left will become more powerful, and eventually ensure that no one but Leftists win elections. That will kick off conflict between the different parts of its constituency, so that ethnic groups war over elections. Hispanic-majority cities will stop electing African-Americans, and vice-versa. This will promote the creation of “Chinatown cities” where ethnic groups move to segregate from others. Much as white flight created Whitopias, effectively ending diversity and replacing it with ethnic isolation so that each group can have power. At this point, America will balkanize, or fully separate into these groups. In your Chinatown city, you want police, lawyers, judges, politicians, and officials of your own religion, culture, race, and ethnicity. They in turn will see zero point in enforcing rules from other tribes, and so America will become a patchwork of city-states, each hostile to the others.

Self-sufficiency for these cities will become essential, so they will capture and defend territory around them, as well as trade with neutral parties. It is unlikely that they will trade with each other, however, because their legal systems will not extend beyond the borders of each city-state. However, city-states of the same or similar tribes — for example, European protestants and Catholics — may form alliances such that if one is attacked, others come to its aid. Expect warfare between city-states to be somewhat constant, especially when the member of one tribe commits an offense in another city’s territory. America as a superpower will not exist at this point. Even more, the land will be ripe for plunder. Expect that Asian powers such as China will stage an invasion, moving from one city-state to the next, conquering each because its loose alliances will make it weak in the face of overwhelming, fast-moving force. America will quickly become a Chinese colony, as likely will Europe when Eurasian allies of that Asian power, such as Russia, join in the invasion there. Formerly civilized places will be plundered because these places, being too individualistic and bright, could not keep their societies united around a central idea like more primitive societies could. As a result, five hundred years later, only a Eurasian population will remain, with a lower average IQ and none of the spark of genius that created the West.”

     That though is an optimistic view that assumes that the collapse of the West will not have a kick-on effect on China’s stability in this globalised, interconnected world. And, speaking of interconnection, why China is exporting some mighty totalitarian technology too:

“Communist China is selling its “totalitarian technology” tested on the country’s Muslim Uighur minority to Venezuela and other regimes eager to persecute their citizens, according to a panel discussion hosted by the libertarian Cato Institute on Wednesday. Cato noted in a statement announcing the event:

In [Muslim Uighur-majority] Xinjiang [province], Chinese authorities are testing their new products for social control, such as drones disguised as birds to surveil citizens and state-issued tracking devices on human bodies. This cutting-edge totalitarianism can easily be exported to other regimes around the world that are eager to spy on their citizens and persecute their dissidents. Panelist Sigal Samuel — the religion editor at the Atlantic who discussed her findings in August that China is deploying new technologies, “including drones disguised as birds,” to surveil Uighurs (or Uyghurs) — revealed that Beijing has already exported some of its “cutting-edge totalitarianism” tactics to Venezuela.”

     This must be an example of what the globalists mean when, glazed-eyed  they speak of the enrichment that comes from cultural exchange.



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Friday, 05 March 2021
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