Migrant Robbers Pee on their Victims because They Feel Hopelessness: Swedish Interior Minister By Richard Miller

     There have been an increasing number of migrant crimes where the victim is urinated upon. Why? Well, it is the thing that victims of racism do, because the criminals, sorry, oppressed people, feel hopelessness, said the Swedish Interior minister:

“Young migrants who carry out sadistic and degrading robberies against Swedes do so because they feel hopeless and like they do not belong in society, according to Sweden’s Social Democratic Minister of the Interior Mikael Damberg. In a recent high profile case, an 18-year-old was robbed by two younger assailants who, among other things, peed on him and forced him to open his mouth while doing so. In an interview with SVT, Mikael Damberg was asked to explain why youth robberies are increasing. “I don’t think I should have an explanation. I will wait for criminologists and others to tell me what it is due to. But it is obvious that there is a total lack of moral perception here, where these young men can commit almost any disgusting action against other young people. It is something that is lacking in the parenting role, but also that society does not intervene early enough”, said Damberg. The interviewer then asked Damberg why crime is increasing in the “vulnerable areas”. “It must be about both lack of parenting and norms, morals and values that are crossed in these gangs, and that is very serious. The second thing is that some of the young people feel hopeless, that they don’t do well in school and that they feel that there is no place for them in society”, the Interior Minister concluded.    

     Yes, the urination occurs even while the urinators make racist slurs, but really since only whites can be racist according to the globalist regime’s philosophy, the so-called slurs must be cries for help too:


“As Voice of Europe reported on earlier, there’s a new trend in Sweden where foreign criminals not only rob and beat Swedish kids but also humiliate them by peeing on them. Recently a Swedish teenager was assaulted by two robbers who beat him, urinated on him in a cemetery, forced him to take off all of his clothes, and called him a “f****** disgusting Swede”. The perpetrators then shared a video of the abuse on Snapchat, Aftonbladet reports. Peter, aged 18, got off the subway at Björkhagen station in Stockholm and had almost arrived at his house when he was attacked by two foreign men. The two assailants, who told Peter that they had a gun and a knife, attempted to force him to withdraw money from an ATM and buy them food at McDonald’s. The pair of assailants then took Peter to a nearby suburb. After the attempts to withdraw money from his bank account failed, they dragged him to a cemetery where they showered him with kicks and punches. “Then person number two pulled out his genitals and urinated on me and he also picked up his phone and started filming. Person number one screamed ‘open your mouth’ and when I refused to do so he kicked me really hard in the back of my head, so I did it and got a little urine in my mouth”, Peter said in interrogation. “They laughed and said ‘f****** disgusting Swede, you son of a whore,” he continued. The robbers filmed the assault. They then forced Peter to take his clothes off before they got bored and left. The footage of the incident was later uploaded to Snapchat where it went viral.”

     Of course, this is, according to the Interior Minister, but an expression of hopelessness, in the face of racist Swedish society. Only by completely open migration, taking in at least four billion migrants, can Sweden redeem itself. Annihilation is the only redemption. But, the welfare state will collapse long before that, leading to a mass exodus anyway.



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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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