Michael Moore: A Living Symbol of the Leftist Mind By Charles Taylor

     Socialist film maker Michael Moore has said that he is looking forward to the day when Whites are a minority in America: https://www.fastcompany.com/40459122/michael-moore-says-trump-is-on-track-to-win-again-in-2020. He seems to think, if that is the word, that when Whites are a minority in America, the Democrats will be eternally in power and will establish a socialist paradise, or something along those lines.

     Moore’s position is deluded on many levels, as the better argument is that civil war will occur, and is already occurring. Moore’s worldview does not permit taking in facts, such as the largely unreported war between Blacks and Hispanics in many US suburbs. But, I don’t want to discuss ethno-race issues here.

     As a good Leftist, Moore should be aware of his fellow Leftist’s embracing of the climate change “crisis,” peak oil and other civilisational threats that the Left use to support globalism. Now, as we are all of high IQ, even though we dispute this, for the moment we can think like Leftists. Why then, Michael Moore, will America be a better country in say, 2040, when your fellow Leftists over in the climate change department are predicting the end of the world before then? Here is one such article: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/07/climate-change-earth-too-hot-for-humans.html.

     If Michael Moore was sincere about Leftism, he should be putting his considerable weight, pun intended, behind such endeavours, instead of increasing carbon emissions by releasing more hot air from various orifices:


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Saturday, 29 February 2020
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